Taking a Stand

Posted by Sherry , Monday, April 19, 2010 Monday, April 19, 2010

This past weekend H and I made our way to sunny Ohio for a wedding. I have about a bazillion family members and it seems like just about every 4-6 months one of them is dragging us into one of their major life events: marriage, births, graduations, divorce.

I usually go to these celebrations because of the cake. Seriously. Wedding and birthday cake are my favorite desserts. Moist, crumbly vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/spice/carrot cake with sweet, sugary, melt in your mouth, heart-attack inducing buttercream frosting (remember my cream filled egg incident a month back)?

I know you are thinking, “Oh but Sherry, there are so MANY different types of wedding and birthday cakes out there: fondant, whipped cream, ice cream cake, cookie-cakes.” And my response is, THEY ARE IMPOSTERS. If a birthday or wedding cake does not contain crisco-laden buttercream, I do declare, what is the point?

So anyway, I go to weddings for cake.

But there is also another moment that I adore during weddings. The part where the bride walks in and everyone stands.

Many girls spend countless hours of their time dreaming about the details of their weddings. What will my love and I dance to? What will my dress look like? Who will catch my bouquet? Would you need a receipt to return a toaster to Macy's?

And as a young woman that minutia crossed my mind. But the part that I always got stuck on, the part where my heart would swell and made me want to become a bride as fast as possible is the part where the doors open, the music begins and everyone rises for my entrance.

How often are us regular folks able to capture the attention of every person in a room? How many times will we have everyone in a room STAND to recognize and honor our presence? (well, for my step-sister, TWICE in SIX YEARS, I suppose).

I'm lucky enough to have had that moment. It was all I dreamed it could be. And even now, at every wedding, I get teary eyed during that moment and not just because its a wedding and you're happy for the love birds (or devastated because little Pookie already has a bun in the oven and is about to hop into a Chevy Nova and move to Vegas so her baby daddy can pursue his life long dream of becoming a tattoo artist) but because I think “this may be the one and only moment in this woman's life where she will feel like a star."

See, after the wedding, life eventually returns to normal and your car breaks down or your new husband loses his job or you get chicken pox on your honeymoon. And your boss at work never praises you for the account you closed, and your mom never notices anything but the weight you've packed on, and your kids care more about Elmo than cuddling with you.

When you have that moment where everyone stands just because you walked in the door, you have a moment to go back to.

Its a small thing, but for me, it was the best.

So, anyway – I figured that in my weight loss journey, I need something to go back to. I need something to help me remember that I once looked and felt the way I want to for the rest of my life. I need to hold onto that moment in time where I stood up for myself and was the best I could be. I found these photos:

They were taken about 4 days after my wedding when we were on our honeymoon in Aruba. I felt like a model. Seriously. I felt like a star. I hardly sweat. I was at what my initial goal weight is now.

I could physically do anything and not get tired. We swam, we para-sailed, we snorkeled, we got sunburned, we walked, we smiled – a lot. Never once on that trip did I criticize myself for the blubber falling over the top of my tankini bottoms. Never once did I avoid a photograph. Never once did I look at myself in the mirror and see only my faults.

I want to get back there. I want to feel like this again. Yes, I look gorgeous (go ahead, you can say it!) but seeing these photos remind me of how I FELT at that time.

I want to stand up for myself again.

p.s. those of you that have no intention of ever getting married (or are not allowed to get married because of our stupid government)? I humbly suggest you find some opportunity akin to a wedding -- a ceremony of some kind -- to honor yourself. And if you invite me, I promise to be the first one on my feet when you enter the room.

22 Response to "Taking a Stand"

DB Says:

You are gorgeous & I love this post. It is so funny because DH is converting all our tapes to DVD & we were playing our wedding tape on Saturday & I made my DD & her BF watch me walk in the church while everyone stood in awe :). That will surely never happen to me again, but what an awesome memory.

Alexis Says:

Ummm...hello. First, how have I missed your blog (I am now and official follower) and second...you are freaking G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! Seriously. You suck. Just kidding :)

Great, now I'm going to waste another good hour getting caught up on your blog! Ha!

Gilly Says:

You are a freakin' supermodel! Gorgeous!

Gen Says:

Wow! Gorgeous! You look great as a blonde. Blondes have more fun! And you will get there again.

I looked my best at our wedding too. And then all the things that you mentioned happened (or some version of them...), the biggest thing being having babies and packing on the pounds.

Can't wait to see your "after" pics, I bet you will be even more gorgeous!

Bonnie Says:

What a blonde bombshell! I've got some bombshell pictures of myself too and know what you mean about the feeling that comes with looking like that. I want that confidence back.

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Sooo true....I want to redo my wedding day over and over and over again - best day of my life. HAWT pics - you'll get there!

Amy W. Says:

oh man! You will totally get there again! And I cant wait to see the proof...in person...at my wedding!

Angie Cummings Says:

I love you as a blonde, and I am totally re-blonding soon. You will get back there, Sherry, and further. You are gorgeous now and will only feel more so as your journey goes on. xxxx

Theresa Says:

You look beautiful and so confident. This post made me cry for so many reasons. You are still beautiful and you'll get where you want to be again, Hell, we all will! I need to find something to look back on too! I love the "stand up for yourself" message. Thanks for sharing.

Jen Says:

Wow you are gorgeous! You will get back there and I can't wait watch your journey! I loved this post, I hadn't thought of it, but I suppose that may be why I'm always crying at weddings too. Great post!

workinprogress Says:

Awwww... what a great post!!

Love the pictures :-)

Anonymous Says:

You will totally get there again! No worries girlie just give it some time.

Jenny Says:

you are still beautiful!! You look hot in the pics!!

Cindylew Says:

You were gorgeous then and you're gorgeous now. I too have beautiful wedding pictures from a mere two years ago that hang on my walls and I live for the day when I once again look like that girl.
I have no doubt that we'll both get there.

Nicole Says:

Great post and so insightful! Made me a little sad, I had my moment and you are most likely right no other time where a whole room will stand when you walk in.
WOW!! Those are gorgeous pictures, I agree with Gen blondes do have more fun! xo

-Grace- Says:

This is awesome! Precisely why Tiffany and I will have some sort of ceremony!

Gorgeous photos! Still gorgeous today!!! You'll get back there, hun. Soon enough!

Rini Says:

Fantastic post! Very moving. I dreaded that moment at my wedding because I was 275 lbs. I tell my husband that when I lose the weight I want to get married again...to him of course. I've always said it rather jokingly, but I think I really might do it. Maybe for our 10 year anniversary or something. Who knows! I want to experience that moment!

Nella Says:

Ahhh cake! I dream about it!

Kristin Says:

Sherry, you are one hot mama. Love those photos. And I completely agree with you about weddings - I'm going to one this weekend and the cake has crossed my mind more than once.

Sandy Says:

Just to let you know I found this to be so inspiring (I even mentioned you on my post today-you got my Lollipop award). We really do have to remember our past and you looked so cute in the pictures. I am sure you are also cute now! For some reason my comment didn't show up on Monday-I was having IE problems).

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