1 Year Post-Op Stats (and swimsuit photos)

Posted by Sherry , Sunday, March 27, 2011 Sunday, March 27, 2011

A year post-band-surgery has come and gone (March 19th was my “bandiversary”) and I haven't marked the occasion with a blog entry. I've been so busy with traveling, parenting and eating Easter candy a month early, that this milestone has barely registered as a significant occasion in my mind.

That said, I wanted to offer some year-out 'stats' to my readers as I know that when I first started traveling the weight loss surgery route I was constantly seeking out others' statistics to give myself something concrete to relate to and hope for.

Ironically, what I've learned is that the gastric band journey is different for every person and although it is inspiring to see how far others have come, it can also be discouraging when you don't necessarily meet the same criteria, in the same amount of time post-surgery as someone else.

What I want to impart to those of you first starting on this journey is that there is no 'standard' for what to expect with weight loss surgery. I'm one person with one body type. My history is different than yours. My motivation is different than yours. My relationship with food is not like yours and, what I've also found, is that chances are, my metabolism SUCKS WAAAAYYYYY worse than yours. Seriously. It does. It sucks big ones.

There are inspirational bandsters out there who have said much wiser things on and about their bandiversaries than I could EVER say so I'm going to leave the pontification and fist-pump worthy words to them:

Catherine55: This one-year period was always going to be over today, but by being banded at the start of it, I was able to use the time to do a lot of things to make my life better.

Amy W: I have lost this weight...Because I knew I could and I would. When [my doctor] told me that the band does not work for everyone, I made a choice that I would not be one of those people.

Joey: I feel entirely different and pretty much the same all at once. Different because, well, because sooo much has changed! I eat differently, move differently, but sometimes I still think the same. I often still feel fat. Like so many of you have said, the brain has to play catch up with the body. The band is definitely among the best decisions I have ever made!

Angie: It is hard to say how much this surgery and losing weight has changed my life. In many ways I have not changed at all, and in others, I am becoming the person who I always hoped I could be. I am accomplishing the thing I knew I never could, and doing that is beyond empowering. I am more settled in myself, I can let my whole self just exist and not worry quite as much as to what I’m projecting.

Gilly: Its a year later...its life-changing. Smell ya later.

There are many, many other inspirational bandsters out there. Many of them are YOU. The ones I've quoted are just a teeny smattering of the banded ladies and gentlemen who have touched my life and helped me through my first year with their words, photos and stories.

As for me, well, here I am:
  • 63 pounds lighter
  • Size 12/14 from Size 20/22
  • BMI of 26.2 from BMI of 35.7
Inches Lost From:

  • Waist: 10
  • Hips: 10
  • Around Chest: 9
  • Under Breasts: 7
  • Each Thigh: 4
  • Each Bicep: 4
  • Each Calf: 2.5
  • Each Wrist: .75
I lost, on average 1.2 pounds per week. Its not much, really. In fact, there were months where I counted Weight Watchers points and lost quite a bit more. The difference this time is that I've kept it off and I can honestly say I haven't had to 'diet' in a way that I felt was restrictive, difficult or discouraging. This isn't to say having a band is 'easy', it just makes the difficult choices easier.

I'm working on a vlog as there is so much more I want to say about where I am in this weight loss journey but even I, wordsmith extraordinaire, cannot seem to get it to come out right on paper. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the changes herewith. Yep. Photos of me in a swimsuit. You're welcome, America.

February 2010, September 2010, March 2011

June 2010, March 2011


36 Response to "1 Year Post-Op Stats (and swimsuit photos)"

MB Says:

Happy Bandiversary! You've done so well--and look great!

Camille Says:

I can't get over how much younger you look! What an amazing transformation!

Annie Says:

You look amazing, and it's nice to see how good you feel, and how you recognize that everyone's journey is different. BTW, you have awesome legs!

Liz Says:

Happy Bandiversary! You look fantastic :)

FK Says:

You look fab! We were banded a week apart and have lost about the same amount of weight. Congrats on your weight loss, you look great!xx

Theresa Says:

Wow! What a differnce, congratulations!

Susan Says:

How could you say that 63 lbs is not much!!!! You look terrific! And thank you for the post - it is great to read what you and other bandsters have felt at their 1 year mark. I am just over 3 months in and it has really changed my life.

Jen Says:

Hot Damn woman, you just had to go and put that Miss America swimsuit model photo on there to get me excited, didn't you?
Great post and I agree 100% with every word you wrote. I'm one of the slower losers too, but every pound is a victory and I've not gained even 1 lb. back - even during the 6 months that I wasn't losing. THAT is the real success of the band, for me.
I'm looking forward to seeing what your 2 year anniversary post looks like. Slow and steady, we'll both get there.
I've missed you!

Amanda Says:

63 lbs is a huge amount! Congrats! I want to say that you look fabulous and have come so far. Thank you for your always amusing posts and for reminding us that each person is different! Keep it up!

nikki Says:

Happy Bandiversary! You look awesome! :)

Jacquie Says:

You look fantastic Sherry! You have so much to be proud of yourself for. The most important part of our journey is that we have lost and continue to keep it off!

Lee Ann Says:

You've come a long way Sherry. I sooo enjoy reading your posts and perk up when I see you pop up in my newsfeed. I'm staying in tune and much anticipating your pontificating and in depth weight loss analysis. I'm sure it will be profound and earth-shattering. And if not, I'm totally positive I'll get a few chuckles. :)

Amy W. Says:

My God. Look at the difference between Sept and now! That is amazing. Since Chicago the shape of your body really has changed. Thanks for quoting me. When I grow up, I wanna have your legs...and boobs...


Dawnya Says:

You look amazing!! Those legs...Tina Turner better watch out.

Thank you for sharing. It is true...each journey is different. Now if I can just get that thought to stick in my head and not get mad if I'm not losing. LOL.

Keep up the great work. You look absolutely beautiful!!

Marie Says:

Wow! What a great post and you have done so fantastically well!!!! 63 lbs is wonderful! And you look gorgeous!

Island Bandit Says:

i'd kill to have those long, lean legs!!!! You look fantastic! Congrats and happy bandiversary

Fluffy Says:

Congratulation! You look great!

MandaPanda Says:

Such a difference! You may lose slower than some but you're in inspiration none the less. Those pictures say it all!

Lea Says:

Sherry, you are one HOTTTTT mama.

Ashley Says:

You look absolutely fabulous, those legs are amazing!

Alexis Says:

You look fabulous and I would KILL for your damn legs!

Lap Band Gal Says:

Congrats on all your sucesses! :) You are rocking that swimsuit.

Kristin Says:

You. Look. Awesome. And your legs are freakin' amazing. Color me jealous!

Congratulations, girl. You're rockin this thing.

Kelly Says:

Hey, we were banded on the same day! Congratulations! Happy Bandiversary!

Angela Says:

Ummm....I hope my legs look like yours one day. Dang! You look awesome. Happy one year!

Michelle Says:

Wow you have sooo much to be proud of.. I want your legs.. LOL..

Gen Says:

I want the legs too!!!! And the hair.

Sherry, congratulations on an amazing year. You have done SO well, and the pictures really say it all. SO happy for you!

Joey Says:

Well, I did it again. Normally when you post I race to read it, BUT if I don't have time to give it the attention that it deserves, then I wait until I do. So....

Holly honkers!!! Have they stayed the same size and your waist disappeared? Because that's what it looks like.

I could stare at your profile/swim suit picture all day. You look marvelous!

I've averaged 1.6 pounds per week (I haven't really lost since chicago) - So I wouldn't say you are a slow loser, it just feels like it.

I love you, lady!

Jess Says:

Awesome! Good for you!

Cindylew Says:

You look awesome and you ARE an inspiration. I remember reading your very first post while I was waiting on insurance approval and a surgery date. You were special to me from that day forward.
You're doing great. Congrats.

Catherine55 Says:

Great post! And... did you notice? You lost exactly the same amount as I did in Year 1, to the pound! Fantastic work -- and you really look amazing! I have major leg envy! :)

Samantha Says:

Hey! You look amazing!! Such a great job!! I just came upon your blog and love it so far!!! I am a new follower :)
Check out mine if you want
<3 Sam

Nicole Says:

Sherry, you look great! And you should be very proud of all you have accomplished. It's a journey, not a race. Thank You for the kind words on my post, the dress is from Neiman Marcus, La Rok was the designer I got it on sale!

Gen Says:

Sherry, thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I guess I need to think more about being too tight. The thing I'm worried about is that I finally have that "no hunger" feeling - and when I am just "sort of" restricted it disappears - then I gain. I rely on the band more for the "no hunger" effect than the restrictive effect. I don't want to be too tight, but I don't want to lose that. I know for a fact I will not lose any more and will probably gain. But I have to be realistic - if getting some out is the cure for reflux, then I need to think about that.

Thanks again.

Steph Says:

I missed this post when I was on my crusie, but hon, I have to say, you look wonderful!!! :)

Dinnerland Says:

I am SO Sorry I missed this when you originally posted it. Congratulations, you clever and amazing woman. Love your posts. Where are you??
Happy bandiversary (belated.)
It hit me when you said you 'counted points' and lost more in some months. I totally get that... maybe one of these days I'll do a little point counting of my own. But for now: I have no motivation to go on a diet.
So, I'll keep trucking at a few ounces here and there, which adds up to pounds at a time.!!!

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