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Posted by Sherry , Sunday, February 21, 2010 Sunday, February 21, 2010

How many blog followers do you need before you are considered 'famous?' Because I gotta tell ya, when I logged on yesterday morning and saw that my wee little blog had over 20 followers (thank you Catherine!) I felt about as close to Madonna as I ever have. Pretty soon I'll be on my way to MY “Desperately Seeking Susan." For the record, paparazzi are welcome!

I don't think I realized just how large (no pun intended) the Band community was. So many of you have offered me supportive words and good advice and I haven't even gone under the knife yet. I barely know you, dear readers, and I already don't want to let you down! Imagine the pressure and and guilt you'll be able to inflict upon me 6 months from now! Every day will be like Sunday dinner at mom's house!

Last night Husband (H), Daughter (D) and I went out for dinner. I always look forward to Saturday night dinners because most weeks, that is usually the one meal a week I am guaranteed to eat out of the house (both H and I love to cook so we eat most meals at home).

Since D turned about 9 months old, dinner out is typically at a local Mexican joint where the margaritas are strong, the extra sour cream is free, the food comes fast and furious and the waiters stop by enough times to tickle D and say “ohh, niña bonita” that H and I don't have to spend our entire meal doing the monkey dance to keep her entertained.

Last night however, I felt a little “triste” while eating my carnitas tacos. I kept thinking about all the things I was going to miss – the chips and salsa, the warm flour tortillas, the cheese enchiladas that, I swear, must contain some kind of illicit drug they are so addictive.

The next thing I know I'm falling quickly into what H calls a “crazy spiral” thinking about all the things I will be LOSING, by getting The Band instead of what I'll be GAINING.

Its hard to see the big picture when you have guacamole with big avacado chunks sitting at your table – not to mention the staff singing Feliz Cumplea᷈ños to a 75 year old man with a sombrero on at the table next to you.

So, even though you all barely know me and you are under no obligation to spend your time answering questions that may seem silly to you or even worse, may make you HUNGRY – I was wondering if you could take some time to share with me some of the things you CAN and DO eat that you find yummy and wonderful?

Truly, there is only one thing on the planet that I am not fond of and it is mayonnaise. Honestly, even writing the word down kind of signals my gag reflex so tuna salad, egg salad, deviled eggs and other mayonnaise-y friends need not apply. Besides that, the food world is my oysters Rockefeller.

Thank you in advance and keep the words of wisdom coming. You guys are awesome.

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Lap Band Groupie Says:

Hee hee...I'm gonna love following you. Read today's blog...only one food I don't eat...and it involves MAYONNAISE!!! Here:

I can and do eat everything...of course I chose mainly the protein first and all that...but not always. It's a band not a ban. I really don't feel deprived. I sometimes miss not being able to eat MORE of something though...you learn to slow down and enjoy each bite more. -BG

Debi Says:

I agree with BG! I can still eat almost anything I want to.

I too love Cheese Enchiladas! And so far, so long as I take small bites, chew,chew,chew, and eat slowly, I can eat them.

I just had my 3rd Fill on Wednesday which gives me 5 cc's in a 10 cc Band.

The one thing that I have found I CAN"T eat right now is most breads. That includes Pancakes! My post on Feb 18th titled,"Pancakes Are Evil" will scare you away from eating them once you get restriction in your band! Until this point, I was able to eat them though, and my Surgery was on Nov 19th, 09.

Feel free to ask any questions! None are too stupid, crazy or dumb! LOL

workinprogress Says:

I'm only a newbie myself (3 weeks post op) but my doctor gets his patients eating 'normal' food pretty quickly.

Having lived in Southern California for most of my childhood I was sooooo excited when a mexican restaurant opened near me not long before surgery.

I used to dream about their soft taco's during my pre-op diet.

I have found I can still eat them - only at the moment I order them as an entree (1 taco instead of 2) and I eat the middle of it with a fork. Satisfies my craving and I don't feel like I'm missing out :-)

I'm hoping I will be able to treat the lap band as a change in lifestyle not a diet. Which means I hope to eat smaller amount of food but still be able to enjoy my favourites when I go out.

Hope that helps :-)

http://shesaworkinprogress-workinprogress.blogspot.com/ (nerolid)

Anonymous Says:

I won't tell you everything I can eat (it would take a long post) but will tell you this week I had mexican. Fajitas with no tortilla, refried beans and quacamole salad. I also had about 6 chips..you can still do it, just alot less and alot better choices! It's hard not to focus on what you will give up but I promise, you will not miss it.

Gilly Says:

20 followers makes you famous. That's the rule! You are super famous! woohoo!

I'm anti-egg, but pro-mayo...is that irony? I don't know. All I do know is that reading this post made me wish i had some awesome guac! Evil!!! lol!

Kristin Says:

I think it's part of the process to have this feeling. We all have "Last Supper" syndrome to one degree or another, but I will tell you (as everyone here told me when I asked) there isn't much you absolutely can't have. Hang in there!

Girl Bandit Says:

I remember feeling the way you do now...but I can still eat pretty much what i like but find I want to avoid the empty calories now on most days as I am eating so much less and want to maintain my nutrition. My weakness is a glass of wine which I still have and did on the pre op too...naughty me. What you are feeling is normal

Catherine55 Says:

I had guacamole and chips, a margarita and a Quesadilla Benedict for brunch yesterday. Don't even worry about it -- you can still eat most things once you're banded. You'll just be satisfied with a smaller portion.

(Mind you, I only ate 2-3 chips and not even 1/3 of my quesadilla, but I was totally full and satisfied and didn't want more. Thank you, band!) :)

Glad my post helped bring people to your blog! Mine is a huge source of support and encouragement for me, and I am sure yours will be for you as well!


Sarah Says:

I'm a year out, and I still enjoy mexican - just not as much as before! Basically, I can eat almost anything = just in smaller portions. I don't do well with soft bread or hamburger or overcooked meat (dry chicken, etc...) but most everything else is fine! I agree with Catherine - you can enjoy almost all of it - just not as much. Good luck!

Ali Says:

Hi, I am enjoying your blog. I have 20 followers exactly, am I famous now? LOL. Its fun to read everyones comments too.

I'm a pretty new bander, having my surgery on Jan. 19th. Today I had a softshell taco. I had to chew, chew chew, that is the only difference. I will say I chose soft shell over hard shell just because I don't know how I will tolerate something like that. I haven't tried anything extremely crunchy like chips, but I think I could probably have a couple if I chewed them really well. But I am trying to get more protein foods in instead.

Best wishes to you!



Yana Says:

I had brunch with Catherine before I got banded, and I was shocked! I ate my full plate, a bunch of chips and guac, and could have reached across the table and finished Catherine's food! So I think maybe she was more satisfied with her meal being banded than I was unbanded...

Really and truly, you get to a place where you can enjoy tastes and textures and be completely not interested in shoveling great heaps of it down your pie hole, as I was doing on a regular basis pre-band.

Post band, I have had bread, red meat, shrimp, asparagus, pineapple...everything that I had heard people had trouble with, I have eaten. The fact is that you can only eat so much, so you find yourself going for the protein rich filling over the empty carbs. Maybe eating the sauce without the carrier.

AND...I'm no longer worried about flying, I can wear boots, I have outgrown pretty much all of the clothes I was wearing before that had a read waistband, I don't huff and puff climbing stairs and I feel 10,000,000 times better about myself. It gave me the gumption to not only go out and look for a new job, but also negotiate myself a salary that was more than what they were planning on paying, because I valued myself!

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