Mirror, Mirror...

Posted by Sherry , Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My apologies, dear readers, for my absence from the blogging community, lately. As you all well know, the business of the holiday season isn't to be taken lightly.

From shopping and wrapping to drinking and puking, well, it doesn't leave much time for personal reflection now, does it? Unless of course that reflection is the one you see of yourself in the rippling water of the toilet at 1am after your friend's annual Christmas party – and then, well that reflection is certainly not worth mentioning, much less commenting on.

In fact, I haven't been doing much of the “this time last year” reflection at all. I've always kind of been a forward thinker. I like to dwell on what COULD happen (good and bad) , rather than on what already happened.

But the other day I was trolling a friends' facebook page, and came across a couple of photos of me that made me so sad:

I'm the big one without a blacked out face

These were taken at my friend Kate's Christmas party last year. I'm sad looking at these photos because I'm probably at my heaviest but what made me get teary-eyed is that I remember thinking I looked SO GOOD that night.

I'd purchased a really adorable silver and gold strapless top from Lane Bryant (because I couldn't find any cute holiday tops to fit me in the regular stores) and wore it with some black pants that had an ELASTIC waist. Let that sink in. ELASTIC WAIST.

Even though I KNEW I was at my heaviest weight ever, I still thought I looked pretty hot. And my sweet husband. My sweet, dear, husband! Well, he TOLD me I looked beautiful. In fact, he he probably even tried to seduce me that night because, well, he is just awesome --- and deprived --- and probably drunk. But anyway, the man knows how to make a hefty girl feel loved.

Then some friends posted this photo the other day and I smiled:

I'm the one who isn't a ghost

Because I look at it and I think I look pretty good. And not too fat. And because when my husband told me I looked beautiful, I believed him. Even if he was drunk.

However, in my very humble opinion, you can't really get a good idea of EXACTLY how I looked at that party a couple of weeks ago so I decided to get dressed up all over again, in my SIZE 14 DRESS THAT I HAVE HAD FOR 7 YEARS and give you a picture you can really worship:

And, even if you are drunk and deprived, you don't need to tell me I look great because, for once, I already know!

26 Response to "Mirror, Mirror..."

Theresa Says:

Wow!!! You look amazing, what a difference a year makes!

Libby Says:

Awesome comparrison photos. You have beautiful legs! No matter how thin I get, my legs will never look as good as yours :-)

Kristin Says:

You look all-around awesome, but gurrrrl you have some kick-ass legs.

-Grace- Says:

You really are beautiful, Sherry! I love that dress--very cute!

LDswims Says:

You look so different! Amazingly different and damn hot. And look at those sexy legs!

Gilly Says:

I hate you because of your hotness, your awesome hubby and your sexy, non-stumpy legs. And then I love you because of awesomeness and because you always send me zombie stuff.

PS: I would totally hold your hair for you. Only for you.

Angela Says:

Dang!!! Look at those skinny legs! You look great!

Gen Says:

OMG you have the best legs. I am in the stumpy crowd WAHHHH. You look gorgeous!

Darlin1 Says:

NICE!!!!! Definitely jealous of the legs!!

Ice Queen Says:

Not drunk. (We won't discuss the deprived...) You look great. And the legs... Not too shabby, either.

Kate Says:

I've said it before, I'll say it again, we are SMOKING hot. I thought you looked amazing last year too.

Amanda Kiska Says:

You are beautiful at any size. But wow! What a difference a year makes!

I have no doubt your husband saw you as beautiful then and now too!

Lea Says:

You look awesome and amazing, Sherry!

Marie Says:

Look at you! Gorgeous!

Stephanie M. Says:

I'm not drunk, deprived, or depraved, and I think you look gorgeous.

nothing Says:

I want those stems of yours! I just joined your blog, and saw 'what a pretty face.' Yer I used to get that a lot. 'Pretty face, but!' You look wonderful.

Jacquie Says:

Wow Sherrie, I love you! and i love this post! andk I love your husband because he sounds like my husband! and I love your legs! Ok, I'll stop now!

Camille Says:

Wow!! You look amazing!

Camille Says:

Wow!! You look amazing!

Alexis Says:

You look beautiful! And..um...hello legs! Wowza!

Sam Says:

Isn't it amazing the difference a year can make :o) You look great!!!

Dinnerland Says:

Wow!! You have beautiful calves... I hate you. (Not really, but you get the picture.)

Peggy Says:

you look amazing! those legs are to die for!!

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