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Posted by Sherry , Thursday, June 16, 2011 Thursday, June 16, 2011

I recently purchased a dress that isn't black. For those of you who have been plus sized you know that this is a BIG DEAL. Black is slimming! Black hides the lumps! Once you go black, you don't go back! Oh wait...that's one of my other mottoes...

Anyway, I wanted you all to witness this weight loss milestone and I haven't posted any photos in awhile and I know you all need your fix so please enjoy:

On my way to my friend Kate's birthday party in my new Banana Republic dress

In my summer "mommy uniform"

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Justawallflower Says:

I LOVE that dress! I am going throught the same thing, trying to add some color to my closet. I no longer feel the need to only step out in a funeral outfit. You look great in both outfits!

MB Says:

You look great, Sherry!

kagead Says:

My friend, you look absolutely AMAZING. I love, love, love the dress, and the fact that you have the confidence to wear it. What a victory!

Lap Band Gal Says:


Linda Says:

Very Sassy! Plus BR runs small in my opinion, so that's a good NSV. I want your legs.

Dinnerland Says:

You look terrific-- how is it going band wise? I love to see a success and need to hear from people who are rocking it at the moment to keep on going!!! Do share whenever you have a mo'.

-Grace- Says:

You look amazing! I love that dress!

Steph Says:

OMG...I am in love with that dress. I want to come steal it. Banana Republic you say? I am going to become a Sherry Wannabe and may buy it myself!! You and I are so much alike in body types (bigger up top, smaller in the waist and legs) so if it works for you, it would work for me! You LOOK Gorgeous, hon! I hope you can come to Chicago! :)

Kristin Says:

Dress is BEAUTIFUL. And I want to steal your arms and legs. But I won't, because I think Sherry is really pretty all in one piece.

Kristin Says:

^^^^ My comment above sounds creepier than it was intended to. Basically, just complimenting your toned arms and legs. Please disregard the (completely unintentional) dismemberment overtones.

Amanda Says:

I have to laugh at Kristin....disregard the dismemberment overtones! Ha!

You look beautiful. Simply just!

Camille Says:

Lookin good, Sherry!!!

Catherine55 Says:

Sherry, you look beautiful!! And you are only three pounds from goal!! Amazing. Well done!!!

Theresa Says:

You look great!!! Love the dress, is this the friend Kate who gave up her blog? I want to know how she's doing!!

Gen Says:

OMG love the dress I need it!

Cindylew Says:

Skinny AND gorgeous...you ROCK.

Island Bandit Says:

beautiful outfits on a beautiful and FIT LOOKING lady! :)

Beth Ann Says:

Hi! I'm a new follower and I just had to tell you that you sure are a beauty!! I love the dress. I think blue and white are so pretty together.

MandaPanda Says:

OMG! You look fantastic!

Sherry Says:

@Theresa - Yes, it was a b-day party for my friend Kate who had surgery last year. She's decided not to keep up her blog but she's doing GREAT. Has a new boyfriend, loving life, taking great trips and on top of it all, looks AMAZING! I'll post a picture of us soon!

Joey Says:

Love the eye-candy! P.S. Nice rack.

Lea Says:

Sherry, you look awesome! Love that dress!

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