It Was Just My Imagination

Posted by Sherry , Sunday, July 4, 2010 Sunday, July 04, 2010

Me: Ok, baby. I'm heading out now.

H: Why are you so dressed up?

Me: Because it's Girls Night Out!

H: But you're just going out to see a movie. It's not like you're going to a club or anything.

Me: Ok, FIRST, it's not “just” a movie. It's "Eclipse". Starring ROBERT PATTINSON...and co-starring Taylor Lautner's ABDOMINALS.

H: So you bought a new dress and new shoes and spent time on your hair, all for an imaginary date with an imaginary vampire?

Me: Uh, duh?!

I was a little disappointed when Edward didn't jump out of the screen and ask me to move to Forks with him. I mean, I looked GOOD...

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Janice Says:

Adorable dress and sandals! You look wonderful!
Duh? A date with Robert Pattinson...of course you dress up! Just saw the movie with my dh a couple of days ago. Taylor did do a great job showing those abs. Something for us to aspire to. Ahhhhh....
Okay, I will settle for just a flatter round tummy.

Have a great Fourth!

Linda Says:

FOR REAL!! You are way cuter than Bella. :)

Amy Says:

You are freakin' adorable! Love the dress and the shoes...

And if you are an RP fan (which I admit, I'm not a Twilight person), but the movie "Remember Me" with him in it is very good!

Kristin Says:

Love the look! Funny convo too. Have a good weekend!

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Okay that's the cutest little ensemble ever. So frakking cute. You go girl.

Bonnie Says:

Very cute. I can't wait to wear dresses.

workinprogress Says:

Gorgeous! I love the shoes :-)

Gilly Says:

You look really really good for a crazy lady! :)

-Grace- Says:

Look at you, girl!!! You look great and that outfit is super cute :)

Jen from Oregon Says:

work it girl! you look amazing!!!!

Anonymous Says:

Love the outfit!

Cindylew Says:

You look adorable cupcake. Great outfit.
Hope you enjoyed your night out with Edward and the girls.

Janelle Says:

Edward's mine!!! Back off!!

I just saw Eclipse today... love it!

Anonymous Says:

Very cute outfit, love it!

Band-Babe Says:

Yeah, you do look good! And happy!

FK Says:

you look gorgeous!!

I had a new outfit for Eclipse too!!

How good was it!!! I loved every moment... but I have to say I am a Jacob fan.. and wow his charater and his everything else were fabulous in Eclipse..

Nicole Says:

super cute outfit!!

Susan Says:

So cute! I'm going to see the show this afternoon - yeah!

Steph Says:

Oh my goodness, you look so freakin cute!! I want to skean over to your house and steal that dress!!

Joey Says:

Oh, now I know why there were all those fireworks this look DYNO-MITE!

Alexis Says:

You did look good! Duh! I've been a bad Twilight fan and STILL haven't seen Eclipse!

I love that dress! Looking good lady!

Catherine55 Says:

You look gorgeous!! :)

A Mom In Vegas Says:

You look AWESOME! And yea, I was disappointed as well that Edward didn't jump out for me!

DiZneDiVa Says:

'You look fantastic! I am a new follower, looking forward to reading back into your journey... You're an inspiration to me! Congrats!*Maria*-from "This on time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

Amy W. Says:

You look PRECIOUS! And I have to tell you that I think the Twilight movies are super corny and made for 13 year olds. HOWEVER, I have been peer pressured by someone (ie Heather) to read the damn books. And so now I am on Eclipse..and FINE...they arent that bad. She even drug me to the damn movie along with about 8 of our coworkers. Who have I become?

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