Do You Diet?

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, September 18, 2010 Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lately, I've been thinking a bunch about dieting. To me, this train of thought is akin to thinking about old boyfriends, bangs and stirrup pants: nostalgic but not something I want to be a part of my life again. Yet, I can't escape it.

I've talked about how I feel regarding dieting, the word 'diet' and diet foods in the past, so it should be no surprise to my readers that I really dislike the subject in general.

However, all disagreements on the semantics of the word aside, I'm wondering from my banded readers if you still 'diet'?

For instance, do you only buy low fat dairy products, choose white meat chicken all the time, rarely allow yourself dessert or only eat low fat products, etc.? Do you feel 'guilty' when you eat full fat ice cream but not when you eat 'no fat' frozen yogurt? Do you have days when you say “I'm eating what I want today” vs. days when you say “I've eaten so well!”

While I don't think being banded has been 'easy,' I am fairly comfortable saying that it has made losing weight much easier for me, both mentally and physically.

I'm what you would deem a 'slow loser' (about 1.5 pounds a week) and I do blame part of that on bad genetics, my metabolism and the Bush administration – but if I really reflect, I have to wonder if it is also because I've not been traditionally 'dieting'.

Again, semantics aside – I realize that the band 'rules' are a diet in and of themselves – but what I mean is that I've left crappy diet foods in my past. I don't ask for the butter sauce on the side because I'm eating so little of the fish anyway and I want to enjoy it. I don't eat three low fat cookies, I just have ½ of one regular cookie -- and not every day. I try to make good, healthy, choices almost all of the time, but “good and healthy” to me doesn't equal non-fat sour cream or spray-on butter.

Weight Watchers rules, tips and suggestions used to be just a part of my life. I always bought non-fat dairy products, asked for dressing and sauces on the side, used artificial sweeteners in EVERYTHING, went for the fro-yo instead of the ice cream.

I didn't think about it. I just did it. In many ways, I believe I polluted my body with artificial crap in the name of being 'healthy'. And I don't like it.

Since being banded I've not thrown caution to the wind, per se. But I have decided that because I now have the portion size problem under control (which for me, was my biggest weight control battle--not the bad foods but eating too much of the good foods), I should also be making the 'healthy' choices. Fresh, real ingredients as much as possible.

Not sure if I'm making sense here, I just needed to put it out there and get some feedback.

If you are a bandster, do you 'diet' and do you like dieting?

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Cindylew Says:

No way Jose'...if I'm only eating 1/2 to 3/4 C. of Egg Salad for lunch, there's no way I'm not making that with real Hellman's Mayonnaise. I absolutely, positively share your philosophy on everything you said...which is likely why I too am a "slow loser". But that's ok...I don't have a deadline...especially since I'm not dieting on the way there so it's not something I'm in a hurry to be done with like I would have been with diets in the past.
See ya next week cupcake...can't wait cause you're special to me.

Gilly Says:

I would have to answer this in the affirmative. Not that I'm a low-fat person...I would never do that! But I do tend to stick to what I consider to be "safe" foods (so so much Laughing Cow cheese!), fish, and chicken breast. Which is not to say that I don't indulge. But when I do, it's usually not with reckless abandon. I sacrifice so I can. Which is also not to say that I don't have the odd giant spoonful of Nutella "just cuz". I do that. Damn right I do!

Amy Says:

No dieting here. I was just thinking how I'd like to include more fish in our diet and find a way to get in a bit more fruits+veggies, but I eat real cheese (a lot of it, actually), chocolate, and real cream in my coffee almost daily. Like you said, I've got the portion control thing under control now, so I enjoy what I can eat - and that's the real deal!

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Makes total sense. Have I mentioned I love your light hair in your picture?

Janelle Says:

I don't consider what I am doing dieting. I consider it my new lifestyle, where I crave healthy foods for my body rather than junk. So, yes I buy only fat-free ranch and am used to the taste of that, so it is fine. If I am out and get some chicken strips, I use whatever ranch they have. I eat what I want always, but what I want has changed, so I eat a healthier diet. I don't count calories anymore, but keep my kitchen stocked with good healthy food so I can feel good about what I am feeding myself and my hubby. That's not to say I don't buy pizza rolls when I want a goody, I just finished up a bag of pizza rolls I had! I buy skinny cow ice cream desserts, they taste just as good as regular and have less calories. I don't consider that dieting, I just consider that fighting against the food industry that we have grown up with, where everything is CRAP.

Marie Says:

I eat what I want when I want. My problem was also portion control. I can't have a whole bag of chips anymore or a whole sleeve of crackers. Love the band for that!

Lynda Says:

My biggest thing right now is avoiding chemical laden foods. Usually, that means that I eat full-fat in smaller amounts. Just this morning, I was at the market comparing labels on full-fat butter vs. "light" butter. The ingredient list on the Butter was as follows: cream, salt. The Light Butter was: water, butter, buttermilk, tapioca starch, lactic acid, monoglycerides, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate, PBGR, artificial color and a few more chemicals that I can't remember. What the heck is "PBGR" anyway? I'll take the Butter made with cream, please.

Jacquie Says:

I am also done "dieting" per se. I do still limit my daily calories for the most part but I pretty much don't deprive myself, thats for sure!

Michelle Says:

I am not not dieting. I am definitely eating healthier. I eat chicken, turkey, fish. I am incorporating more veggies and fruits... I do eat desserts but in moderation... I want to be healthy not skinny.. If I want chips I also have chips but again in moderation... I am also really trying to be more active.. I am amazed at how much my body can actually do when I push myself now.. LOL

Camille Says:

I agree with a lot of the above comments and you (of course). I eat healthy most of the time, but put real butter on toast (because I can only eat half a piece) and don't do "fake" food. I do use Splenda or stevia in coffee and tea. I don't "diet" but my diet has change so much since being banded that I lose 1-2 pounds a week. I think I will eat like this forever.

Bonnie Says:

I haven't really gotten to great restriction, but when I do I plan to eat "real" foods, just in less quantity.

Band Geek Says:

First, I have to tell you that I laughed & choked a little bit when I read "thinking about old boyfriends, bangs and stirrup [pants]". My naughty mind went elsewhere, and I had to re-read.

It looks like the verdict is split, but I fall on the side of Team Diet. I almost always select low-cal, low-fat options, but I do occasionally indulge. When I do, though, I still have difficulty with portion control, and with getting back on the [band] wagon. After 7 months, I still don't think I have found optimum restriction. If/when I can do a better job controlling portions, I would like to "be more like you". Obviously it's more natural and healthier.

Linda Says:

I don't diet, I eat full fat cheese and use sugar, because what I feel is deprivation is a trigger for me. But I don't eat like I did pre-band when I wasn't "on" one of the millions of diets I've been on. I eat healthier but still allow myself a piece of chocolate if I want it. It's just what keeps me sane.

Stephanie M. Says:

I don't diet, but I do make better choices. I figure that most of the 100 calorie packs and things like that are just crap food in small portions. I would rather have a small piece of GOOD chocolate or something like that for the same calories. With that said, I use Splenda and lowfat milk in my coffee. I like the spray butter on my 100 calorie pack of popcorn. I eat seafood and chicken breast because it tastes good to me. I get brown rice for my sushi because I like it. Those sugar free Fudgesicles are awesome for just a few calories on a hot day. Some "diet" things are just second nature to me, but other things, like a REAL dessert every now and then, are the way my life is. I have lost 54 pounds this way so far and until that changes, I don't plan to change that.

Band-Babe Says:

You make PERFECT sense. Dieting has gotten the majority of us... fat. I can only eat "diet" for for so long, and definitely not for life. I love my band because I have a tool that helps me eat small portions of real food, full fat, real sugar, meat, carbs, fruits and vegetables... everything. Now, small portions of real foods leave me satisfied. No need to cheat, because I've eaten what I've wanted. No more dieting (but definitely eating healthy)- AND losing weight. For me, at this point in my life and with what I've learned about myself and food, it wouldn't make sense to get mjy weight under control any other way.

Sandy Says:

I tend to choose the chicken and low-fat milk, but just because I like it. I no longer fret about putting a tsp of butter on my muffin-I just slather it on since I might not eat the whole thing. I need fat in my diet and when I eat so little, it gives me calories and satisfaction for a few hours. It's a big myth that eating low fat helps with weight loss. On 30% fat calories per day-that means about 40-50 grams of fat. Something a lot of people don't even get. And low fat frozen yogurt has just replaced the fat with sugar so it ends up not being the best. I am trying to avoid fast-food (like McDs) because of the high salt) but sometimes I just hate cooking. And you don't know slow weight loss. But at least it is going down and not up which is what gives me the incentive to keep it up.

TJ Says:

I am a little half and half. I eat "diet" foods when I like them. For example, unless I eat them side by side I notice no difference in full fat sour cream and lite or lite ranch and full fat. I like things like laughing cow cheese, skinny cow ice cream, and other "health" foods. Also due to my insulin resistance I typically go for the artifical sweetner - but most of the time I like it.

The only time I pick a diet food that I don't LOVE is if it is really bad and I am going to use a lot of it - like when I make cheese lasagna with eggplant noodles. There is just so much cheese that I usually use 2% cheese or a low fat riccotta. Otherwise even a band serving is too high in fat to be a regular food item.

But on the other side I purposely pick diet food no-nos in other things. Instead of picking the leanest ground beef I now pick one with higher fat since it has a better taste and isn't as dry. Same with my steaks and other meats.

Oh and I don't "indulge", "splurge" or "cheat". At least I don't consider it that way. If I choose to have something that is unhealthy it is a choice. I don't beat myself up over it or feel any little bit of guilt. In the past I would have looked at the day as being blown by a mistake and just kept eating bad. Now my mind gets that a single food choice is just that a single food choice. I enjoy it and move on. So different than before and I am not really sure how I even got here.

CC Says:

no "diet" here, i spent 30+ years failing at diets :-) yes by definition, i am dieting, but don't tell me that! lol

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