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Posted by Sherry , Sunday, October 31, 2010 Sunday, October 31, 2010

Camille's post regarding whether or not to tell her mother about her Lap Band got me thinking about the 'support' that I've received from friends and family since deciding to go forward with the gastric band and the LACK of support that so many of my other banded blogger friends have had with regard to their weight loss surgery (WLS).

I don't have the energy to get all philosophical about it but I wanted to share a quick story that I think pretty much sums up how friends and family SHOULD act regarding a person's decision to have WLS.

Last weekend I, Kate, and some of our other mommy friends went to the mountains for some “relax and recharge” time away from husbands and kids. Hot tub, wine and massage. Need I say more?

Kate and I have been very open with our mommy group about our band surgeries. Partly because we spend so much time together between playgroups, mommy's night outs, birthday parties and family events it would be hard to keep such a secret from them. And partly because honestly, they are all such amazing women and have been supportive in every facet of each other's lives that we felt 'safe' with them.

Well, on the drive up to the mountains, Kate, Shannon and I were all in one car. We were talking about potty training, tantrums and other toddler challenges and kind of out of nowhere Shannon says “I am just so proud of both of you girls and the progress you've made with your weight loss. You both look so good”.

She didn't quantify it with comments about us having had surgery to help us or question whether we'll be able to 'keep it off'. She just did what a friend should do: support us through our journey.

So, not only is Shannon a great friend, she's also a wise woman because damn if we DON'T look good.

See for yourself:

Kate is in the center

12 Response to "Supportive Friends"

Sandy Says:

How nice. If only all the people in our lives could just be that way. And to repeat: damn you look good.

Read Says:

What a lovely story! Thanks so much for sharing - that is exactly how friends should be!! So great to have such a wonderful group to surround yourself with.

Jacquie Says:

You all look great and recharged!

Anonymous Says:

Your friend is right; you and Kate both are doing such a great job and you both look amazing! The hot tub and wine sounds like a good deal to me!!

Camille Says:

I'm with Jen. You look amazing. My friends have been really great about my weight loss and decision to have WLS. I think there are some aspects of life that your peer group is better at support and positive reinforcement than your family. You are lucky to have such good friends.

Theresa Says:

Wow, you guys really do look amazing, congratulations on your success and your wonderful supportive friends!

Kate Says:

SOOOOOOOO true! We are so fortunate to have such amazing support from our friends. And you are right, we are looking SMOKING hot :).

Darlin1 Says:

You look GREAT!! Glad you have the support-

Saraceno Family Says:

You all look great! :) We love you guys!

Unknown Says:

Hey Sherry, I just read this post and I wanted to say that I love you gals and I had a wonderful time in the mountains with you, and I completely agree with Shannon - you and Kate look amazing! Way to go!

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