Clearing my plate -- for tomorrow's surgery

Posted by Sherry , Thursday, March 18, 2010 Thursday, March 18, 2010

So tomorrow is my big day. Banded I Shall Be.

I've spent the last three hours trying to come up with something witty or inspiring to impart but I just find my mind wandering back to these four things:

  1. Surgery. Anesthesia. Living Will.
  2. Size 10, size 10, size 10, size 10....
  3. I AM FREAKING STARVING. After 3 days of pretty much entirely liquids/purees and only clear liquids today all I can think about is bagels and steaks and buttercream frosting. I seriously do not know how some of you did a 2 week liquid diet sans band.
  4. George Clooney (he is ALWAYS there, in my mind, just hanging out, being sexy).

I wish there was some book out there that outlined exactly how long it will take me to recuperate, how hungry I'll be, what I'll feel like 2 months from now, how much my life and relationship with food will change. If my stomach will ever not look like an ugly old man.

But after reading all of your blogs, I can see that everyone has a different experience. That makes it harder for me to get a handle on things. Can't you all please do something to make it easier on me? ;-)

Seriously though, just wish me luck. I'm about to embark on a road well traveled by others but brand new to me and I need all the direction you can offer.

See you on the flip side.

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Jacquie Says:

Good luck Sherry honey! We'll be here waiting for you to let us know how you're doing! I go next Wednesday so I need you to report back STAT!

Anonymous Says:

Good luck to you! I hope it goes smoothly for you. Please let us know how it went.

Anonymous Says:

Good luck to you, we will be thinking of you tomorrow! For right now just remember, gasx pills, get up and move and rest. Remember you will be in the healing phase for a while...this is not the weight loss phase, that will come. You are getting ready to embark on an awesome journey, congrats!

workinprogress Says:

I soooo understand all the thoughts whirling around in your brain!

Congratulations on being so close to being banded. I think this is literally the hardest thing - just taking that step!

I think it's kinda like childbirth - a little bit different for everyone, not a lot of fun at the time, bit uncomfortable afterwards, then the memory fades and you are so thrilled with the results :-)

All the best!!

Sandy Says:

So happy for you. See you on the other side. We can't give up our secrets because then they won't be secrets. You'll figure it out all on your own and do it great!

Will be thinking about you tomorrow afternoon.

Lynda Says:

I am so excited for you! Have a great night and sweet dreams tomorrow!

Lap Band Groupie Says:

So exciting! Good luck Sherry! I'll be thinking of you and scooching down on the Loser's Bench for you. The hunger...that won't be back for days! ;-)

Camille Says:

Good luck, Sherry. LOVE George Clooney. Yummy!

RedHead Says:

Wishing you luck for a successful surgery and an easy recovery! And no matter what adjustments you have to go through in the beginning, 18 months after my own surgery, all I can say is that it is totally worth it! :)

Janelle Says:

Good luck and we will all see you on the other side!!

Debi Says:

You only had to do 3 days of Pre-Op Diet? You lucky duck! My Surgeon called for 4 weeks! But I only did 3 weeks of it!

Anyway, good luck tomorrow, we will all be thinking of you! Post when you can to let us know all is well!

Kristin Says:

GOOD LUCK! I hope all goes well. See you on the other side!!

Nicole Says:

Good Luck!! We are here for you!! see you on the port side :)

CC Says:

good luck! just relax, think happy clooney toughts and you will do great! :-)

Amy Says:

Good luck today! I'm excited for you to join the banded crazies...well, maybe I'm the only crazy one! ;) Can't wait to hear from you!!

Theresa Says:

Only the best of luck to you!

Joey Says:

yes, best of luck! 1 week from now you'll be feeling nearly like your old self.

Marie Says:

Hi Sherry
I had surgery yesterday too!!! How did you do? Hope all went well.
Take care of yourself!!\

Marie aka The Unknown Bander

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