Pudding cup anyone?

Posted by Sherry , Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think I may have entered the black hole. I went and registered myself at LapBandTalk.com in an effort to find more recipes for my puree stage.

Ever have analysis paralysis? This is a common ailment of mine and LBT.com has certainly not failed to assist me in entering an information coma.

Will artificial sweeteners make me crave sweets? Or do they help in keeping calories down? If you can't strain it through a sieve is it still a 'puree'? Why does your doctor tell you to keep everything at 'pudding consistency' but not put pudding on the list of suggested foods? How much lard is in Taco Bell refried beans? Will Patricia Heaton's career ever make a comeback?

Its not that I don't appreciate all the ramblings of hotchick91 or the debates about how to make the best fake pureed tuna salad (BLECH) but I wish that there was a place where I could just poll a SMALLER group of people for my questions. I wish I could just take you 61 followers and stick you in a virtual auditorium with those little handheld button pushy thingys that you see on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and get my final answer.

I mean, if I was to just post a question as my blog post, will it get answers or will you all be like,(imagine valley girl-esque voice ala Cher in Clueless here) “OMG there goes that question girl again. I'm so sick of her stupid questions. Why does she ask so many questions? Can she just go to LBT.com and leave us alone!? WHAT-EV-ER! Unfollow!”

Because seriously, I'm wondering if its bad that I had a pudding cup tonight...Seriously. Is it bad?

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RedHead Says:

Ask away Sherry! That's what we are here for. You provide us with entertaining posts, we provide you with valuable feedback.

Regarding the pudding cup, IMO, it's totally fine! When I was on my two weeks of purees, I ate tons of pudding. I actually got some of the fat-free, sugar-free jello instant pudding mixes, added the required skim milk, and also put in some unflavored protein powder. Found it to be a terrific way to get in a good deal of protein while also eating something in the pureed consistency that didn't look and taste, well, kinda gross.

Wishing you best of luck on this journey. It does take a little while to get adjusted to the new life of being banded, but 105 pounds later (and still going), I can totally tell you that it is SO worth it!

Anonymous Says:

OK, we are all here to answer questions and to help out fellow bandsters and receive the same help! You haven't messed anything up by eating a pudding cup! Might wanna add some extra protein powder to it next time just to get some of your protein in. It sounds like you are doing great!

Kristin Says:

A pudding cup is a-OK. It was fine for me, anyway. I feel the same way you do about asking questions, I always wish I could get all our smartest blog friends to do a conference call and fire off my top 50 questions. Maybe someday...

Marie Says:

Heck not only pudding but top it off with some sugar free whip cream! I do that with jello too! Whip cream was on my list of approved liquids...so why not?

workinprogress Says:

This post is hilarious - because it is soooo true!!

Some people just really get carried away. I think you just need to use common sense - which you have in oodles!

Eat your pudding cup and enjoy!! (hmmmmm.... I feel a craving come on!)

CC Says:

yes! meaning ask all the questions you want! i think that i also suffer from the same ailment as you LOL and i think i have pretty much given up on lapbandtalk.com...there is WAYYYYY too much negativity for me.
regarding the pudding...i had it(sugar free made with skim milk) once i got past the clear liquids stage with no problems :-)

Michelle Says:

Come on LOL that is what we are all here for. I post questions too.. There are sooo many people on here with a wealth of knowledge.. I also use the sugar free low fat puddings. Love themmm.. And I just learned now to add extra protein to it. thanks peeps..

Stephanie M. Says:

You know what rocks for purees? Those new Jello mousse cups. Deeee-lish, especially the caramel ones. For "real food" mushies, I ate fat free refried beans (the canned ones) mixed with a dab of guacamole and a dab of light sour cream and a sprinkle of Tabasco. Yummy.

Camille Says:

LBT freaks me out too! My nutritionist recommended sugar free fat free pudding with protein powder as a great and easily transported meal/snack. Oh, the Jell-o mousse cups. Yum.

Gilly Says:

OMG...that was hilarious!!!

Jess Says:

That was kind of like when people say "Mind if I ask you a question?" If you like the person you say "Of course." If you don't like the person you think "You just did, you idiot."

Of course!

Sugar-free pudding and sugar-free fudgecicles were both on my pre and post op liquid lists.

Sandy Says:

I agree-I don't see anything wrong with pudding. I didn't eat it because I don't like pudding. I did mix up a batch of Lemon Pie Filing and ate that a couple of times til I got tired of the sugar hit. One thing I did was put a chicken breast into my chopper, added some onion and mayo and it slid down quite nice. I called it pureed! I lived off pureed soups. Chop-Chop-Chop is the way to go. But I was also the one that convinced myself that Goldfish crackers were liquid if I chewed really well and drank a glass of water.

I think what you should do is believe that you can actually figure it out--there are no hard and fast rules. But if not we are all here even if we have some whacky answers. That's the fun of blogging-and you can always block out any annoying followers!

Joey Says:

I think it's fine! Mmmmm pudding.


Girl Bandit Says:

I am known in my circle of familyu and friends as '20 questions'. I just ask away so please ask as it helps us all and sometimes other shyer people want the same answers. I would totally forget a 'rules' approach to the band in terms of food etc. Of course follow the puree etc guidelines but go with what your body tells you it wants. I like Sandy got sick of the sugar and dumped my dietican's Optifast shakes but made savoury chicken and vegie soups...it was still puree and still proteins. This stage is for recovering...not losing weight but most of us lose that too. i loved on mushies cooking up some pumpkin, zucchini and broccoli and mashung it with some ricotta cheese. Then each meal I would add some tuna or salmon and cheese and it was so yum. So ask and you shall receive

Gen Says:

LBT is totally the black hole! I find myself staying away these days.

Ask away! You will get much better answers here than on LBT anyway. But I do like the Who Wants to be a Millionaire idea. Let us know if you figure out how to do that.

Pudding cups are totally fine! Here is what I do to give them more nutrition and substance - add a few walnuts or almonds on top. Nuts are healthy and satisfying. As for the fake sugar...yeah, in the days when we were swigging Diet Coke all day, it may have been bad and messed up our sweet tooth or whatever, but a measly pudding cup or two? Um, no!

Anonymous Says:


go to Smartbandsters and sign up to this wonderful group on Yahoo:

This site helped me tremendously in the first year of being banded.

Pudding is okay; worry is not. You will be fine.

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