Puttin' a little wiggle in it

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, March 27, 2010 Saturday, March 27, 2010

Down 8.5 pounds and doing the happy dance, my friends!

I'm 8 days post-op and feeling pretty darn good. In fact, I feel pretty much exactly as I always have – albeit hungrier. Its a little strange to imagine that there are these foreign objects taking residence in my body. I keep expecting to feel 'different' in some way, but I just plain don't. When does your port jump out of your belly button and do a dance on your stomach? Or is that just in SpaceBalls?

We took little D to her first Easter Egg “hunt” today. I put “hunt” in quotation marks because it was actually just a giant field covered in pastel plastic bits that you would step on if you weren't careful. The eggs were mostly filled with sweettarts and jelly beans and other sugary junk that in the past I probably would have just stuffed in my giant maw without even giving it a second thought.

But today, I knew I couldn't be so careless and more importantly, just had no interest. I proudly carried a bucketful of candy-coated diet crashing missles at my side without even a twinge of temptation. I was feeling light on my feet and had a bounce in my step. I was Fred Astaire in Singing in the Rain. I was Neil Armstrong doing the chicken dance on the moon ---- and then I realized all that airlessness was the cause of the gravitational pull effect from the delicious, smoky, oniony goodness that is a Polish sausage and kielbasa cart.

Dammit! Foiled again!

I mean, seriously – WHY does there need to be a hot-dog cart at a Easter Egg Hunt? Don't these people know I was just BANDED for goodness sake!?

After H tackled me to the ground and some other friends put me in a Full Nelson I composed myself like the lady I am, and slowly STEPPED AWAY FROM THE WIENERS.

It was hard, friends. I mean, it took some serious willpower to say 'no, I'm not interested in your mouth-watering, fennel spiced, hoagie roll wrapped piece of meat! Instead, I shall enjoy my whey protein-laden, grape-frost flavored sport drink! SO THERE! Pfpht! I spit on your wieners!”

But let's get real here. I've gotta do this puree/liquid business for another week kids. And I just don't know if I can! I AM HUNGRY. And I'm sick of yogurt! I'm tired of Carnation Instant Breakfast! Campbell's Creamy Chicken can bite me! And don't even get me started the Jello. YOU PUT A LITTLE WIGGLE IN IT you gelatin bastards!

Anyway – off to eat my Cream of Wheat with cinnamon. I'm really a whole lotta bark and not a lot of bite.

p.s. Has anyone else noticed that their breath isn't quite as minty fresh as it used to be? I'm wondering if its the Isopure because it seems to flare up after drinking it. Or is it just me? The last thing this fat girl needs is a case of halitosis.

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Camille Says:

Oh so feeling your pain and I just moved on to delicious protein shakes and jell-o. Yeah cream of chicken soup blows after one go round. Hang in there because some pureed goodness is coming your way next!

Andrew Says:

unfortunately before long you will be back on normal food....and then it is hard...Choices and Choices...you can eat anything you want once again....Until the fabled restriction and sweet spot arrives...the holly grail of the lap band.....We will all get there eventually :-)

Sandy Says:

But you are down 8.5 pounds and didn't eat the weanie!! Yah. I mostly lived on pureed soups (squash, carrot and broccoli soups) which I made. I also drank milk shakes made from frozen yogourt, skim milk and unflavored protein powder. I was able to start pureed foods on day 7 and it helped. I pureed the crap out of a chicken breast, added mayo and it was heaven. You will get there eventually. Hang in there.

workinprogress Says:

Love this post - hilarious! Don't worry - you'll move on to big girl food soon :-)

Marie Says:

I think Sandy's idea to make soups is a good one. LOL...but not for me! But I have found some tasty store bought alternatives. Split pea soup (watered down) has saved me on many occassion these past few days.
I'm also 8 days post op. I can definitely tell I can eat more but I do get full faster so that is good. I just eat a little more often now!
If you have any other food ideas let me know. I have another week of full liquids too. I'm having trouble with the protein and am going to go buy some unflavored powder to add to everything. I just can't drink all those sweet protein drinks all day long. Yuck. I bought the chicken soup flavored stuff and you have to drink it warm. Uh - no thanks. If you heat it up it gets gross. FYI!

Jacquie Says:

Catherine55 had some great soups in her blog in Nov. 08. I copied them last night and will be making one tomorrow. I definitely need savory right about now....I'm sick to death of sweet sh@t!


Blech. And we still have Easter to get thru yet. You're still on liquids, right? Have you tried an egg flip for an alternative? Milk, egg, nutmeg - whizz it all up. Very yum.

Gen Says:

LOL you backed away from the weiner! Good girl. And way to go on the 8.5 already!

Girl Bandit Says:

Well done on avoiding the sausage. make some home made soups...they saved me. Keep up the great work

Angie Cummings Says:

Oh my goodness I love your blog, I have had an emo evening and you have me totally cracking up! I think your breath is stinky cause of the ketones coming out - you're getting a lot of protein compared to carbs and are probably in ketosis, I was for pre-op and a bit of post-op. Amazing job resisting temptation, sister, you're on your way!

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