Ouch! I'm in pain

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, March 20, 2010 Saturday, March 20, 2010

Typing one handed and kinda groggy but how much pain post-op is normal? Surgery was yesterday morning. I am super sore at top of stomach area (under my girls) and around my back. Seriously, pain meds aren't helping too much. Is it gas?

Will post more stories about surgery later but I need your advice. Pain feels MORE than "mild to moderate" which is what I keep reading is 'normal'. What was your experience?

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workinprogress Says:

Sounds like gas to me :-(

As soon as you can get moving - I found sitting up was far more comfortable than lying down.

I know it doesn't seem like it at the moment but it gets better every day.

Take care

Lap Band Groupie Says:

The heating pad helped me a lot and stay ahead of the pain meds even when you feel you're OK, it's way harder when you get behind on them. Days 3 & 4 were the worst, but you'll turn the corner soon and then you find you get better fast. I think I have a high threshold of pain, never even raised my voice in childbirth with no epidural (2 of them), but LB surgery beats your abdomen up...it's normal. Walking helps the body to absorb the gas the most. Feel better soon! And keep us posted!

Sherry Says:

Thanks ladies! I too had my daughter without an epidural (I pushed for 4.5 hours too) and still did not feel this level of pain after her birth.

I'm taking a liquid hydrocodone. But maybe I need something else to help with sleep?

Jacquie Says:

Feel better Sherry!

Michelle Says:

I used an ice pack on the port site. It worked pretty good.. Walking also worked well for me...

Anonymous Says:

I used the heating pad, took gas x pills (they helped me) and took ambien with my pain meds to help me sleep. Days 1-5 are the worst after that it's all downhill. Hope you are feeling better!

TJ Says:

I woudl ask the doc before taking anything to sleep. Mixing narcotics and sleep meds can be dangerous for some. It probably is gas pain but if you are worried I would contact the doc and see. It is better to be safe than sorry after a major surgery. I am sure your question won't be the first or last question they get about how much pain is normal.

If it is gas I recommend GasX too. That and walking. The first few days I would wake up and feel like a truck hit me. I would have to get up and walk until the pain slowed down. Another thing that I have heard help some people is a warm shower and sleeping in a recliner.


Hi Sherry,
I saw you on my followers (don't be shy, bog in and say hi.. would love to hear from you!!) and zipped on over once I found out you had a blog.

You're a pretty damn great writer. I have caught up on your back-posts and now can't wait for more. Love the way you express yourself and things happening around you.

Bit of a bummer though - I missed your surgery date by a couple of days. I saw you were due on the 19th March and reading this post, see you've gone thru it. Well, first a HUGE congrats. What a great decision you've made (though it prob doesn't feel like it now lol.)

You're experiencing what sounds like the normal afters of a stomach operation - it's not pleasant so make sure you do NOTHING.. seriously, nothing for the next few days. You will also most likely be getting gas pain (usually referred pain that ends up in your shoulder or shoulder-blade) and that can be a little savage. Use a heating pad, pain meds and try to get up and walk as much as you can. It shifts it faster - believe me. Just baby steps. Day 2-4 suck! Day 5-6 you will wake up and go "Oohhh, I feel better!!" And that's when the fun begins :)

Bonnie Says:

It must be scary after surgery not knowing if the pain is normal pain or gas or something more serious. I have not been banded and it scares the crap out of me that the pain is more than giving birth without an epidural. I had an epidural and it still wasn't easy so how the heck am I going to do when my time comes? Something else to put on the worry list. I hope you feel better, Personally if I were in that much pain, I'd call my doctor.

Anonymous Says:

I guess I should have said "talk to your doctor before taking pain meds with ambien"...I just did all of that before surgery so I had all my prescriptions lined up and ready if I needed them. I was also on vicodin but not liquid. Keep moving and help that gas out too!

Andrew Says:

The first few days are the worst , the gas is really not nice , I had it compounded with constantly feeling nauseous and I kept thinking something was wrong , it shouldn't feel this way , it's a simple procedure.....But it is normal......It improves very quickly and within a week you should be through it and BANDED ;-)

Debi Says:

So glad to hear that you came through ok. The pain will get less each day and by the end of the first week, it should be almost nothing!!

Congratulations and "welcome to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Bandster's"!!

Nicole Says:

sounds like gas.. get gas x strops they will really help and take the liquid pain meds or liquid tylenol for pain. For me day 3 and 4 were the worst. It gets better and is SO SO SO worth it!! Congrats

Sherry Says:

Thank you all. Your comments, suggestions and support have been SO very helpful. I am feeling immensely better. I spent most of yesterday walking walking walking and staying on top of the pain meds and today feel like a new woman. I feel so grateful to have this support! I'll be posting an update soon!

Joey Says:

For the gas pain a heating pad worked wonders for me. I got a giant neck/shoulder/back pad. It's amazing.


Keep walking and resting and you'll continue to feel better.

So glad you made it ok! XO

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