Go To Your Room And Think About What You've Done!

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, May 22, 2010 Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being a mommy hurts sometimes. Yesterday was one of those 'painful mommy' days for me. Unfortunately, I was fresh out of vodka so had to deal directly with the pain instead of numbing it the way God intended.

There was some crying and A LOT of whining and even a full on 'time out.'

So while I was sitting there, facing the corner until I could learn to behave, I tried to use the time productively and find some blogging inspiration.

But honestly? I'm just not feeling all that inspired lately.

As you will note from my previous post, I am feeling no restriction. And chances are you've heard me screaming at the top of my lungs that my willpower is on its last leg. So when my darling, no-napping daughter began her umpteenth tantrum of the day I found myself wanting to dull the ache in my head with food. Do they make birthday cake flavored Excedrin?

Anyway, I started thinking about Greek food. Steak kabobs with cucumber sauce. Feta cheese. Paprika sprinkled hummus drizzled with olive oil. I can honestly say that one of the things that kept me from going through the roof yesterday was that tzatziki dipped carrot dangling at the end of my rope.

So I did it. I had the Greek food. A lot of it. I was so full and bloated with sodium my ring finger looked like a platinum banded sausage. And, well, It.Felt.Good. SO GOOD.

To be perfectly honest, until I really started thinking about it an hour or two ago, I didn't feel anything but pure happiness about my Greek food-filled evening.

Of course now, when I'm sensing that the 2 pound loss I had for the week (yeah! Two whole pounds!) was probably sabotaged, I'm feeling a little guilty. And depressed. And annoyed.

But honestly, I just don't have it in me this weekend to sit back an analyze my Friday actions. I just don't want to. Is that so bad? I don't WANT to examine it. I don't WANT to work at resisting temptation. I don't WANT to examine my relationship with food this week. I don't WANT to change my comfort mechanism.

I guess I'm just channeling my inner petulant toddler.

The catalyst of my Greek food binge:

Looks pretty menacing, doesn't she?

17 Response to "Go To Your Room And Think About What You've Done!"

workinprogress Says:

Oh Man - did I have one of those days yesterday!!! Love this post - you are such a great writer.

Marie Says:

What a cutie!!!! Hard to stay mad for long with that face!

Bonnie Says:

Sorry you had a rough day. Hope your weekend turns around.

-Grace- Says:

I think it's perfectly acceptable to not analyze eating the Greek food (yum, btw!). It already happened so the best thing you can do is drink a bunch of water to rid your body of the sodium and live this journey day by day!

*HUGS* Don't beat yourself up too hard :)

Gilly Says:

ha...I just wrote a family post too...and I do believe that mine have also driven me to Greek food. Bloody no restriction! Hope you get to keep your 2lb loss...but if you don't, oh well...there's always next week to kick ass.

And now I'm craving hummus...thanks. a. LOT! :P

Janice Says:

That face, definitely truly menacing! :)

I think we all need a little "food breakdown" once in ahwile. As long as it is not daily, I don't think it is the end of the world. Easy for me to say, since I'm not banded yet, but in theory it sounds good. Hang in there; you are doing great!
Surgery Date: May 25

Linda Says:

Sorry about the rough day. How can toddlers be so emotionally draining? I agree that sometimes I don't want to analyze why I give in to a craving and sometimes I don't. It was yesterday, so move on.

Steph Says:

We ALL have days like that. I have a 6 year old, very opinionated little girl and can relate completely. When it comes to the food, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We all have to treat ourselves occasionally and it's not like you are doing this everyday. You can move on from this point and don't look back. All I know is that you totally flung a craving on me for Greek food. :)

Kristin Says:

OMG, Greek food is sooooo good.

First of all, it's no wonder you don't have restriction. You don't have ANYTHING in your band. 2.75 cc's is as good as nothing. So don't panic - it will come, just not yet.

As for the toddler-induced madness... yes. I'm right there with you. It requires a special kind of patience that I've never had. Hang in there.

Jacquie Says:

A little Greek food won't hurt! Don't sweat the small stuff...thats my new attitude. (remind me of this when I am the one eating the Greek food, ok?)

Your little menace is adorable by the way!

Anonymous Says:

Okay your daughter is adorable!! But really, a little greek food...not so bad, protein, protein and calcium. No worries! I personally think it's better to get the craving over with or it's really bad when you finally cave. Plus you have no restriction at all and still managed to lose 2 lbs!! That is awesome, I have pretty good restriction and didn't lose that much this week! Your restriction will get there, and this whole process won't be so hard anymore. Get those docs to fill you up!!!

Cindylew Says:

Even with her face all crinkled from smiling, your daughter is a spitting image of you...and by the way, adorable.
I'm with everyone else on this...these days are going to be not so common occurrences throughout our journeys and we just have to accept that we're human and not beat ourselves up about it. This is a lifetime journey and not the usual diet where we want our goals met in 6 months. Just keep doing what your doing and try not to let these glitches get you down.

Janelle Says:

Now I want a gyro! YUM!

Jen Says:

Mmmm..greek food. I hope you are feeling better. When is your next fill? I promise you, you WILL get restriction. It took me 6 flipping fills to get there but now it's perfect. (knock wood)
Your daughter is a DARLING! (And um..yes, very menacing...lol!)

Judi Says:

Well, if you are going to have a foodie moment, you have to do it right. If you wanted Greek food then you have to have it! Get past it. Move on.
I can definitely see the manacing ability in that adorable, smiling child!!!!
Sorry you were out of Vodka. That explains everything....

Sandy Says:

Looking at that little sweetie-pie, I too would have eaten almost anything. Can't fight cute! Note for future-have alcohol ready and waiting. (NOT!)

Girl Bandit Says:

Don't anaylse...we are allowed ocmfort food at times and toddlers...even as cute as your can push our buttons...it doesn't have to mean anything

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