What Color Does This Taste Like?

Posted by Sherry , Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why does pink icing always taste so deliciously, well, pink?

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Kristen Says:

it looks like it tastes like a little slice of heaven! :0)

Gilly Says:

Mmm! It looks really sweet...like it might almost crunch a little bit in your mouth. That is the best! I always hate when a cake has icing that looks like it's going to be awesome, but then turns out to be that fluffy, kind of lardy "cream" icing that sucks, where all the skinny people are all "THIS is the kind of icing I like...not too sweet" as they scrape half of it onto their plate anyway, and I'm all secretly hating all of them AND the people who served the cake with the rip-off icing because the kind of people who eat cake because of the CAKE are NOT the kind of people I want to hang with.

Actually, I lie...I love those people. They usually give me all their icing.

Janelle Says:

Uh oh.. food porn!! YUM!

Sherry Says:

LOL @ Gilly! Me too, honey. Me too...

Steph Says:

Sherry, if I didn't think you were such an awesome girl, I'd want to reach through my computer and totally bitch slap you for posting this photo. OMG that cake looks so wonderfuly tasty. I want cake now. Lots of it.

With pink icing.

Darn you!! :)

Gilly Says:

Pink jellybeans also taste deliciously pink too...

Kristin Says:

Gilly - TOTALLY AGREE. Someone tried to talk me into using the "less sweet" icing on our wedding cake. Nope.

Unknown Says:

I don't know but you're making me hungry! :P

Cindylew Says:

Oh my God that looks amazing...I'm with Stephanie...I want cake...NOWWWWW!

CC Says:

man my laptop screen is very clean right now....why? BECAUSE JUST SPENT 10 MINUTES LICKING IT!!! :-)

Girl Bandit Says:

Looks very yum and very sweet.

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