Got A Fill. So What?

Posted by Sherry , Sunday, May 9, 2010 Sunday, May 09, 2010

I had my first fill on Friday.

After a few questions about what I was able to eat comfortably -- Pasta? Check! Rice? Check! Bread? Check! Pint of Ben & Jerry's? Double check!---I was given 3cc's of fluid and then taken into the x-ray room where she had me do a barium swallow. The P.A. thought I looked a little 'tight' as she watched the barium go down and so took out 1 cc (for those of you 'mathematically challenged', that means I now have 2 cc's in my 10 cc band). My office protocol post-fill is two days of liquids and 2 days of soft foods and then onto solid foods.

I left the office feeling pretty good and since I hadn't eaten anything yet, went to Starbucks for my Skinny, sugar-free, vanilla latte. Yum!

By early afternoon I was feeling pretty hungry so decided to have some Greek yogurt. That went down pretty well and the tummy was still growling so I had some milk. Yep. Still hungry. And noticing that all of this is going down not just well, but feels like its just rolling right through that little pouch. Now, I think we've established that my willpower is pretty non-existent, hence my lap-band surgery, so it should be no surprise to you that when Husband pulled out the pulled pork, I dove in face first.

And it too went down without a hitch.

Now, I won't bore you with too many other details but let's take a quick peek at what else made it into my gaping maw this weekend:

Tortellini in tomato cream sauce, focaccica bread, baked, dry chicken breast, a crossiant, a large white chocolate cinnamon chip scone (the latter two from an awesome French bakery in town and served to me in bed this morning).

Now, should someone with 'restriction' be able to eat these things? Quickly? Without even feeling a teeny tiny bit of tightness? I think not.

So I penned an email to the P.A. begging to get an appointment this week and feel some of this elusive restriction. PLEASE.

Urgh. This is all so frustrating. When will this band stop teasing me and start working? When will I be able to share the burden of this weight loss with Leona? Because right now, its ALL ME. And I'm just not that reliable.

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Bonnie Says:

It sucks, but you'll get there.

Linda Says:

Well, who could resist pulled pork??? It took me forever to restriction so I feel for you. I enjoyed eating the bread and stuff for a long time, but it's nice to finally not be able to, because you know if I had will power I would have never been 293 pounds.
I hope you can get another fill this week. That scone sounds good though...

Jacquie Says:

Good for you for going back and asking for more! I am so proud of you!

Marie Says:

I would definitely ask for more. 2 cc's doesn't seem like very much to me. I had 3 cc's after surgery and now I have close to 5. I could definitely take a little more restriction even now. Especially after what I just ate tonight!
Good luck getting another appointment! Keep on 'em!

Nella Says:

I would ask for more cc's. I am at 6 and really starting to feel it. Make the call sista!

Kristin Says:

Ooooh, tortellini in a tomato and cream sauce? Yum.

Sorry, got distracted. Yeah, it's all kinds of frustrating. You did the right think asking for more - just keep going in as soon as they'll let you for another fill. And then one day you'll take a bite of yogurt and it will sit there for an hour.

Amy Says:

I'm approaching six months out and am finally in the realm of restriction. It sucks big donkey b@lls...but it'll be worth it in the end. Just hang in there!

Gen Says:

Hmmm that is like nothing for a fill! My first fill was 4 ccs. Your 2 ccs may kick in later - that has always been my experience....but I would definitely call and get another appointment.

Gen Says:

BTW even at 7.4 ccs I can eat all the things you listed!!!!! I need more too!

Angie Cummings Says:

Patience my dear! I know it's frustrating when you've been wanting to lose weight for so long, but you're still in the early days and it's better to build up your restriction slowly but surely. I had fills like every two weeks for a couple of months before I started reaching the right levels... And I still need fills and feel hungry now too, 15 months out! I know how hard it is, don't beat yourself up, k? xoxox

DB Says:

It sucks - 9cc's in my band & I can eat it all!!! Hang in there, they say it gets better =:/)

Catherine55 Says:

That is the worst . . another blogger called it "Empty Pool Syndrome" once, and I loved that. It's like having a brand new gorgeous pool in your backyard, but no water in it yet. .

But, you'll get there! You are doing the right thing by being proactive about your care and getting fills. Your doctor sounds really conservative. Hang in there!

Cindylew Says:

I can't offer any advice because I won't have my first fill until June 2nd...but I did want to comment to simply offer my support. And from the looks of the veterans who have commented, this doesn't look terribly out of the norm...unfortunately for us.
I agree that pursuing your next fill on your own schedule is likely your best bet. Hang in's GOT to get better.

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Leona is a dirty rotten whore. Want me to have DRaz come kick her ass? I rent Draz out for just such occasions...lemme know. Until then - hang in there sweetie - you can do this.

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