Ode to a Scrambled Egg (and a request for a pick-me-up)

Posted by Sherry , Thursday, April 1, 2010 Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ode to a Scrambled Egg

Some may think you boring.
Some may think you gross.
But scrambled egg, during 'liquids phase', its you I dreamt of the most.
Your yellowy, smushy goodness.
For it what would I not give?
For once, I thought, scrambled eggs, refried beans and oatmeal
I'd need nothing more, to live.
No pudding cup could measure up
No protein shake could fill me.
But crack an egg, add some salt and some milk
And in my eyes, you'll see only happy.
Scrambled egg, I love you.
I'll remember this day for eternity
But come 2 more weeks, I'll be sick of your reek
And onto REAL food you will find me!

So today I was moved on to mushies – hence the surge of poetic gushing about an egg. And while the 10 minutes of eating said egg brought me pure and utter joy (Gen, I savored savored savored, you'd be proud), I still find myself a bit in the dumps.

See, I'm only down 7 pounds according to that evil scale in my doctor's office. SEVEN. In two weeks. Two VERY LONG weeks. And friends, well, frankly, I have done better than that on Weight Watchers. In fact, I have a very vivid memory of losing 8 pounds in one week just from counting Points and wishing on stars.

Not one time in the last two weeks did I ingest more than 800 calories. Most days were closer to 650. So what gives???? My breath stinks, my tummy rumbles, my belly button looks like a grenade went off in it and yet, ONLY SEVEN MEASLY POUNDS!!!

I'm bummed. I'm just plain bummed. I mean, what happens when I up my intake to 1200 calories? Will I start GAINING for crying out loud???

And you know what really gets my panties in a bunch? The P.A. I saw today (Doctor was too busy to see me and that is another angry story) said “That's great! Its double what we expect you to lose week to week!” And he said it with a smile. And seriousness. HOW DARE HE??!

I mean, I knew that the 1-2 pound weight loss per week thing was typical for the long haul, but what about in these two weeks that I've had nothing to eat? It just seems so unfair. And yes, I'm crossing my arms and hurmphing as I say that. Its unfair!

So here are my two requests from you my band brigade:

  1. I need words of encouragement. Usually my solicitations are much more subtle but this time, I need to blatantly ask for support b/c I'm seriously wondering if I've made the right decision with the Band.

  2. Continue to send me your mushy food ideas! I like variety (it is the spice of life you know) and don't want to get in a rut. For me, ruts = bad choices later.

Thanks for the virtual advice!

23 Response to "Ode to a Scrambled Egg (and a request for a pick-me-up)"

workinprogress Says:

I love the poem!! You are very clever - I really enjoy reading your blog.

Hang in there - this band is fickle - but oooohhhhh so sweet :-)

I've read on other people blogs that they actually lost more weight when they upped their calories to 1200. So maybe that will help? I think sometimes the body goes into starvation mode and tries to hold onto the weight.

That said 7 pounds in two weeks is good! (please don't hit me - hehehe)

Enjoy the mushies and maybe try to up your calories and see what happens :-)

Amy Says:

(Loved the poem!)

1. One week after banding, I lost 11 lbs. The following week, I gained 4 lbs. Net loss = 7 lbs in 2 weeks. Sound familiar?

My post-surgery diet was clear liquids or protein shakes. PERIOD. I was sure I'd lose 50-60 lbs. Nope.

Your weight is going to fluctuate (I am ducking as I say this) for MONTHS until you get restriction. I am 4.5 months out and am still fluctuating. I go Tuesday for my 5th fill, and I am really, really hoping it is the one that introduces me to that elusive concept called restriction. Believe me, I've moaned and groaned and questioned and cried and stomped and thrown fits over this, but the bottom line is it takes time to get there. But the good news is, it does happen. And when it does, the pounds will fly off. (Or so I've been told!)

2. Mashed potatoes - if you have a Trader Joe's near you, they sell frozen ones that are about the size of ice cubes. They are super easy to make and portion out just for you. I puffy heart those things!

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Sweets - I have no band BUT your body is adjusting and probably even a bit swollen..7 pounds off is 7 pounds you'll never see again! You did the right thing - questioning it and doubting it are all part of the journey that makes the end result all that much sweeter. Hang in there.

Gilly Says:

Love love LOVE the ode to the egg (even though eggs make me barf)! My main mushy was anything stew-like that I had blended with a hand blender, in particular, pea soup with lots of ham, but then with the crap pulverized out of it. Yum! And of course, the refried beans with cheese and sour cream and chipotle hot sauce. Mmmm!

And also, upping my calorie intake a bit worked wonders for weight loss for me...amazing but true!

Amanda Kiska Says:

I think your body has slipped off into starvation mode. You will lose just fine at 1200 calories. And seven lbs. in two weeks is nothing to sneeze at!

Angie Cummings Says:

1) Love the poem. I remember eating tuna for the first time post-op. I may have wept.

2) You can do this, and you will do that. You've lost more on weight-watchers before sure. How many weeks in a row? Ever for more than a month? Three months? A year? Little losses really add up, you'll be in my leagues before you know it. The other thing to consider is STARVATION MODE. You're probably in it, and that's why some people don't even lose while they're healing, your body is using all the calories you have to heal and stay strong. Like the others have said, try upping them a bit. Do you drink milk? Drink an extra glass everyday, protein is magical healing potion.

Love you lady, chin up!

CC Says:

:-) i know how hard it is to stay positive! but it is all true, your body is getting adjusted etc etc. just keep doing what you are doing and everything will catch up! remember what everyone beat into us before, the band isn't a quick fix. you can do it! i have faith in you!! for me the weight loss between liquids and mushies was like a stalled train...it stopped, started going backwards, then started going forward slowly but surely :-) then once you can add in excercising? forget about it! you'll be golden!

Camille Says:

I agree with Carmen about exercise, even a little walking makes a huge difference. I bet when you up your calories your body will give up more weight. It's hanging on for dear life right now because it literally thinks you are dying from starvation. More calories and a little exercise and that thermostat will be set to "BURN"!!!

Sandy Says:

I too dreamed of eggs while on liquids. I was in heaven when I had a soft boiled egg and scrambled. I was shocked that there are people who don't like eggs. I live for eggs.

I too was dumbfounded that I didn't lose anything post surgery so cheer up. You are still healing. Sucks but it is the truth. I was down only 4 pounds the week after surgery and sat there for 3 more weeks. It will come though. Did I say patience.

You also asked about mushie foods. I loved mac and cheese, chili, fish cakes, quiche, pate (got a boost from the iron in the liver), chicken salad, meatloaf (loved this!). Give it time sweetie, you will get there.

Marie Says:

Love the poem! Very clever.

We could be band twins. I'm also two weeks out and have lost 8 lbs post surgery and 10 pre surgery and am WTF. I lost it in the first week too and nothing the second week. In fact I bob up and down 1-2 pounds depending on the day. I'm also averaging about 800-900 calories a day, but now that I can have mushies I am trying to increase it. I just ate a lean cuisine type (Morning Star) lasagna dish *270 calories. I figure if it's really soft it's mushy enough for me. It went down just fine. I figure the consistency is softer than tuna. I'm also not exercising yet so that might also be a problem. But I am so with you on the non weight loss when you aren't eating. We should have lost 8 lbs both weeks right?!!!
By the way, I had two soft boiled eggs for breakfast this morning! Yum!

I've heard sweet potatoes and yams were better for you than regular potatoes....Not sure if that is true...

Lap Band Groupie Says:

Love the poem...I did and ode to coffee just post-op LOL. I had the same problem since I'd lost so much faster on many diets before. That's why I always say this has been the easiest and the hardest thing I've ever done. It was much harder losing slowly and not limiting/restricting my diet. What kept me positive is this...I was doing the exact same thing my first day on solids post-op as I would be doing the rest of my life...isn't it great to finally NOT be on a diet?...I was already on my lifetime plan and yes, the WL was slow, but I was eating normally and I knew it was the LAST time I'd see those pounds! Find ways to reward the small things and keep the WL positive...even when it's not going fast!

RedHead Says:

Hang in there Sherry!! The weight will come off. In addition to what other folks have said about your body being in starvation mode, you likely also still have a bit of swelling from the surgery. And, that swelling equals fluid retention. Give your body a few weeks to recover from the surgery and to get used to your new way of eating.

As for the exact weight loss, tt's been about a year and a half since my surgery (October 12, 2008). So, I just went back and looked at my weight loss tracker to see where I was two weeks out. At that point, I was down 10 pounds from my surgery date. By the end of the first month, I was down a total of 16 pounds. So, comparing those results to yours, I'd say you are right on target.

I vividly remember the frustration of those first few weeks on a limited diet and those first few months without great restriction. But trust me, it does get better. And, this LapBand thingy really does work. Currently, I am about 20 pounds from my goal, and so incredibly happy I had this done. But believe me, there were many times along this journey that I said to myself, girl, what the heck have you gotten yourself into?!?!

DB Says:

I went through this too. I took the advice of all my bandster friends here; stick with it - the weight will come off. Just keep doing what you're doing!

Anonymous Says:

I agree with everyone above and just want to add..remember you just had surgery, that your body is healing. The simple fact that you haven't gained is wonderful. When you increase your calories and your activity level the weight will come off. And 7lbs in 2 weeks is great. I just went in and had only lost 8 lbs in 2 months....and they were still happy. I was/am very upset. We all need to remember that we didn't gain it in a month and won't lose it that way. This is supposed to be slow and healthy so it will stay off forever.

FK Says:

I also went to my doctors and weighed yesterday whats with their scales!!! 1 week of fluids and less the 1000cals a day. My scales at home i have lost 11Lbs since banding on his scales it was a 7lbs... What the.. But I am not sure how you do it but I weigh at home first thing in the morning in the buff before I drink brekkie and have a shower... then 6 hours later I go to his office with clothes and shoes on.. 1L of water drank and brekkie and lunch digested! So no wonder its different!

Track your weight on your home scales same time of the day, wearing the same thing and only worry about this figure not other peoples scales!

Hang in there xxx


Yeah, this is a difficult period at the beginning of the band. I hear you!

Try not to focus on the numbers, ok. That is a start. Don't think about any other diets in the past that you did where you lost more weight in the past. If there's one thing I can tell you, is I did Lite and Easy (meal replacements) and when I was first banded I got grumpy, too. Hurrumph, I said to MOTH. I lost more weight than this on the plan. The truth of the matter is.. I hit 10 kilos down on the plan and then lost interest. BUT 10 months down the track with the band I am still going strong. NEVER NEVER have I done that before. I have lost 34 kilos to date and it's been a slow process. About 1.1 pounds a week on average. But it does add up, Sherry. I think once you set your mind to the fact you're now in this for life - you will get over this hurdle and plow on :) You can do it girl. You're strong and capable and if I can do it, well, hell you're doubly sure of getting there in the end too. xx

I too loved scrambled eggs. I ate mine with a little chopped smoked salmon and a bit of low fat sour cream. I will have to have a think about what foods I ate during the mushy stage but there were a few. You can always do simple things like chicken and vegies and just pound the heck out of it until its broken down. Add some gravy and voila :)

Michelle Says:

Loved the poem. I hope things get better for you. I was so excited to get to the mushy stage. I feel like I eat a lot of the mushy foods still now.. Keep your chin up...

Bonnie Says:

Roses are red, Violets are blue
I really wish, I had the band like you
I'd honestly love, 7 lbs off in 2 weeks
Excuse me while I duck, so you don't smack me in the cheeks.

Sorry, but I think 7 lbs in 2 weeks is great - especially considering your body is still healing from surgery. I agree with others that maybe you should up your calorie count a bit to get out of starvation mode.

Stephanie M. Says:

I SWEAR that what everyone is saying is true. When I upped my calories from 800 to around 1200, I started losing like crazy. I think part of it is the starvation mode thing, part is being swollen and retaining fluids from surgery, and part from just the simple fact that when we are depriving ourselves of calories, we are so tired and not having energy to move around much. I could easily do 30 minutes on the treadmill after I increased my calories.

For mushies - guacamole, hummus, refried beans, tuna salad, and lowfat/no sugar added ice cream were what got me through.

Leslie Says:

You are so clever with your egg ode!

Your body is probably in starvation mode. Once you increase those calories the lbs will start flying off of you!

For mushies for me...I was big on the mashed potatoes and I would add a bit of gravy as well.

I also loved lobster bisque. It was a thicker, creamier soup so it made me full for so much longer.

Heather Says:

I loved your poem. Think about it this way that 7lbs is gone from your life... never to return. You will reach your goal if you just try!

Girl Bandit Says:

So sorry to find you down in the dumps but truly 7 lbs is great.....I think I only lost a touch more in the whole month post surgery so you are way ahead of me and people say I am doing well???? Also I thought starvation mode too....but enough said on that I think!!! Chinup and you are foind great...seriously

Band-Babe Says:

I gained weight on air my first two weeks post band. In fact, when I'm starving I don't lose very much weight. I actually lose the most when I'm eating between 1200 and 1400 calories a day. Honest Abe. Seven pounds is AMAZING. And the slower you lose it, the more likely you are to keep it off. You'll get there!

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