Tell me bout' your "mushies"...

Posted by Sherry , Thursday, April 1, 2010 Thursday, April 01, 2010

A longer, more interesting post (that shall include an "ode to a scrambled egg") will follow later today but in the meantime:

Tell me bout' your mushies. What things did you enjoy most? I'm on them for two weeks and need ideas! Doc said even really moist meats (eaten in small bites) is ok. So besides tuna and chicken salad, eggs and mashed taters, what else?

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Theresa Says:

Sherry, 7 pounds!!! That's terrific, I have way more weight to lose than you do, so of course in the beginning I will lose a little more. No frowny face for sure!
Oh, the tuna was good for lunch today! I'm planning to have pintos-n-cheese tomorrow from Taco Bell. I love that, and definitely mushie. Also, I'm going to bake my spinach lazagna filling tonight for supper, it's cooked and drained spinach, ricotta, cottage cheese, marinara and a little mozarella on top. Jen from "I heart the band" said her favorite mushie was ricotta cheese with marinara and mozarella in the microwave, yummy. I love cheesey grits too, that's a great one. I'll let you know what else I find. Have a great day!

Amy Says:

Grits or soft polenta with soft-boiled eggs was my go-to. I hate beans of any sort, so that was out. And I tried the ricotta+mozz+marinara and just didn't like it, even though I love lasagna.

Honestly, I ate a *lot* of soft cheeses - I went to a local deli that has a HUGE selection and went crazy. I still lost, so it wasn't too much I guess.

I wasn't allowed any meat, so I didn't do any chicken or tuna salad, although that would have been lovely.

Oh, and I probably ate my weight in hummus. :)

Jacquie Says:

You lucky duck! Your on mushies already?

I have to wait until 2 weeks post-op which is next Wednesday :(...But, I may excelerate it a bit for Easter if I feel like it!

I am making lasagna for Easter and plan on smooshing it up real good!

Jen Says:

I loved Mashed potatoes with cream of mushroom gravy. Yum.

Kristin Says:

Hi Sherry, congrats on graduating to mushies! I ate a lot of refried beans with a dollop of sour cream on top and a little shredded cheese mixed in (though not on top, because it forms a crust that is hard to get through the band). The aforementioned ricotta/marinara was a good one, as was chili. Lots of hummus too. And soft-boiled eggs. Mashed up avocado with salt - YUM. sugar-free puddings are great. Shepherd's pie with a little gravy is good too. Good luck, and enjoy!

Nicole Says:

I loved refried beasn with sourcream and a little was heavenly! I loved avocado too!

DB Says:

Refried beans/LF Sour cream & LF cheddar cheese, Ricotta cheese w/tomato sauce & LF mozzerella cheese. Bake both of these in the oven - YUM!

CC Says:

ditto to everyone above! scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, mashed taters, refried beans (ff of course LOL), cottage cheese etc etc

Angie Cummings Says:

my magic recipe during mushies was refried beans mixed with mashed potatoes and topped with cheese and salsa... Mmm. Sliders.

Anonymous Says:

I did lots of refried beans with salsa, homemade quacamole, cheese and sour cream. I also did grits with scrambled eggs and cheese. Lots of greek yogurt. Chili. I added cottage cheese to tuna and chicken salad to up the protein too.

Girl Bandit Says:

I absolutely loved stemed zucchini, broccoli and pumpkin mashed together with ricotta. At each meal I would add some slamon or tuna and some grated cheese...yum

Perry Joyce Says:

I'm new to the band community (surgery one week from today!) and I found this question and all the replies SO COMPLETELY HELPFUL!! Thank you thank you thank you! Bookmarked!

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