An Apple A Day....ISN'T ENOUGH

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, June 5, 2010 Saturday, June 05, 2010

I am sick and tired of doctors and other health professionals talking too much and not listening enough. SICK OF IT.

"Where did all this rage come from, young Jedi? you ask. Well, in a nutshell, Sandy Lee's blog.

It's not her fault, she's simply relaying information she was given from her doctors and health professionals. And we like to trust doctors. We want to believe doctors. We want to put our problems in their hands and have them fix us.

They are doctors after all! They have more schooling than us! More money than us! They carry clipboards!

But what MOST of our doctors DON'T have, is our problems. Whether it's obesity, migranes, back pain or excessive flatulence, typically our doctors don't have our issues. They have medicines and rehearsed advice and books and AMA guidelines and clipboards. But they haven't lived in our bodies or felt our pain (mental, physical or perceived).

With regard to obesity, most of us have surgeons and doctors and physician's assistants who are not, have never been and never will be obese.

If dieting worked, none of us would be overweight. It is not rocket science. It isn't even 7th grade biology. It is a fact of life for those of us who have had weight struggles. Dieting, especially in the mental sense, is detrimental. It is detrimental physically, emotionally and frankly, it just plain SUCKS.

Furthermore, if a private practice Lap-Band surgeon knew that their nurses, P.A.s and nutritionists were telling potential patients that they had to 'diet' the rest of their lives, you can bet they would nip that in the bud quicker than you can say “bankruptcy”.

Look at it this way: If, while investigating the Lap-Band, you were told that after surgery you would have to count calories every day, eat 'diet' foods 99% of the time and STOP YOURSELF from eating when you are hungry, would YOU have signed up for the band? Think about it. Would you?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would not.

I'm going to take it further. I think its a farce that most obese people eat terribly. Most of us just eat too much. Period. Most days we eat vegetables, fruit, protein. And some days we eat Ritz crackers and peanut butter. But generally, the reason we are fat is because we just eat larger quantities than our thin friends.

In fact, I would even venture that many of us are even PICKIER than most people about what we will eat. We want GOOD food. We want things that taste, smell, feel and look satisfying.

This isn't to say we never eat Doritos, but we appreciate a the finer things when they come our way. We savor ethnic foods. We dream of homemade pasta. We get nostalgic over grandma's pastries. We won't turn down a box-made brownie but we'll get positively poetic about a homemade one. Especially if it is made with Chilean vanilla extract. And Georgian pecans. And love.

Leona and I haven't yet found our stride. We're still working out the kinks and facing daily power struggles. But we agree on one thing: To succeed, we need fills. Fills take the reins when we cannot. A fill reminds us to quit when we need the reminder. I will say it again: WE NEED FILLS.

I will not be the first nor the last to say that I did not spend thousands of dollars, hours in a hospital, heartache in the decision-making and headache in the surgery aftermath to be told I have to DIET for the rest of my life. Make healthier choices? Certainly. Cut down on portions? Sure! Work out my mental issues with food? I'll try. But diet? No way. Uh-uh. This girl said “no more” to dieting on March 19, 2010. And I'm not turning back.

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Jacquie Says:

I cannot wait for the day that you REALLY feel strongly about something! are absolutely, positively on the money with this one Sherry. I could not have said it better. I am going for my 2nd fill on Monday...thank you sweet Jesus!

Kristin Says:

Go Sherry Go! Too bad we can't take you with us to the doctor's office for our appointments!

SuperMegaAnna Says:

Amen sister, though I do count calories, it isn't hard to stay in the 1200 range when I have correct restriction. The band makes eating good quality foods in small portions possible.

Stephanie M. Says:

I LOVE this!!! It is so my blog of the week for next week. You are awesome!

Anonymous Says:

That's what she said!!!!! Ha ha! Absolutely fantastic post!

Jen from Oregon Says:

One of the best posts I have ever read! Love it!

Janice Says:

I haven't had a fill yet, but I agree that I was looking for a lifestyle of healthier choices, not dieting! Thanks for putting it out there! :)

Anonymous Says:

Very well said!

TracyZ Says:

This was one of the best posts I have ever read. You are 100% right.

Steph Says:

AMEN, sister...You totally hit the nail on the head.

Cindylew Says:

I'm standing up and applauding your post...really, I am.
I wish there was some way to forward this to the jackass nutritionist in Sandy's Dr.'s office so that maybe just for a moment, she'd realize how much she doesn't know.

Janelle Says:

Exactly... why get the effing band if we still have to do the same old tired diet rules??? STUPID. I am not losing weight right now because of dieting, it's because of the smaller portions due to the band!! I am definitely eating a healthier selection of foods for the most part and I actually DO like counting my calories because I found a cool website, but I do that as an extra just to keep track of how my days are going, not so that I can spend the rest of my life dieting!

Marie Says:

So true! March 19th was my day too and the fills are the key. I am calling my doctor on Monday and getting in early because I got .5 three weeks ago and it is not enough for me. I can eat more than a cup at a time easily. Time to take control!

Angie Cummings Says:

THIS. attagirl.

I will say though, like Anna, when I am at a proper restriction level the band keeps my portions reasonable enough to stay under 1200cals without much trouble, sometimes getting up over 1000 is the challenge (I don't think dipping below is healthy as is especially not sustainable.)

Girl Bandit Says:

Amen....Sandy needs to send this to her dr's office.

Me & Sugar Snap Says:

I loved it! Great post!

Lonicera Says:

I like what you say Sherry, and enjoy reading a good rant.

Sadly though I've noticed that doctors universally think (though the bariatric ones may not say so because it's how they make their living)that the only "True" "Proper" "Real" way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. This is the same school of thought that solves the problems of the world by telling people to "pull themselves together". I work in a hospital and see it all around me, and slimming clubs barely conceal their disapproval of gastric bands.

In other words, people who should know better don't recognise that what they need to address is not our bodies, but our minds. The lapband is still a pioneering method of losing weight - people like us are leading the way, and it may take a good few years yet before OUR truth is universally acknowledged. And it's bloggers like you who help this process. Hurray for Sherry, and Sandy Lee.


Lilbabybeetroot Says:

Wow...just wow.
Thank you for this amazing post.xx

Amy W. Says:

I feel so bad for those of you that have to fight for fills and restriction. I really dont understand why in the hell some docs are like that? I mean, I know it is different from insurance company, plans, docs, etc., but my doc makes money everytime I come to visit so it really behooves him to let me come in as much as I want. ya know what I mean?

Camille Says:

Totally not offended!! Your post did I think provoke mine, but in a positive way. I love your passion and wit and think you have very valid points.

Andrea Says:

Amazing! Well put! Good for you!!! I'm your newest follower, btw, and found your link over in your TM siggie! :)

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