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Posted by Sherry , Thursday, June 24, 2010 Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confucius once said, “A cake in the fridge is worth two in the bakery.”

I believe he was making a dig at Buddha and his weight problem. Personally, I think the spiritual leader just had slow metabolism.

Trust me Buddha, I KNOW what you went through.

Anyway, the great philosophers would probably have a thing or two to say about the fact that the birthday cake sitting in MY fridge in MY house only has one tiny slice missing from it and that slice was not eaten by yours truly.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day all around. See, I got wise this year and wrote down specific instructions on “How to Make Your Wife's Birthday Perfect” for the hubby. I even highlighted section 1, point A: “Cake”.

So when he walked through the door last night he had bakery cake in hand. Two-tiered, white iced, polka-dotted, heaven, coming straight for me.

But guess what? I forgot to circle and star and put a check mark next to the part of the “Birthday Outline” that says cake should have BUTTERCREAM FROSTING.

What I got was a whipped cream laden imposter. So after the 'Birthday Song' serenade and candle blow-out, I took a couple of finger licks and decided I really wasn't all that interested. It just wasn't worth it.

Me. Not interested in cake. Huh. Weird.

So after I parcel out a tad for H and Ruby to enjoy after dinner, the rest of the cake will be making its way over to my neighbors' house. They have two lanky, always hungry, teenage boys who I have actually seen dilacerate a cow in a matter of minutes and then ask for seconds.

I have a fill scheduled for tomorrow morning and if all goes well, cake will simply NOT be physically able to be on the menu. I'm desperate for some real restriction. I am just not confident that I'm able to keep up this level of willpower when it comes to portion size.

My weigh-in day is tomorrow and I'm expecting to either weigh the same as last week or be up just a tad due to the celebratory eating that ensued yesterday and last night – Hey, I said I turned down the CAKE, that doesn't mean I turned up my nose at the spare ribs and cocktails. I'm only human!

In the meantime, I shall leave you with this final Confucius quote. I like to think of it in regards to my SNAIL'S PACE weight loss: “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”.

Also a good quote for sex.

17 Response to "Confucius Say..."

TracyZ Says:

Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you didn't eat the cake. You are my new idol! :)

Kristin Says:

Happy Birthday! Hysterical last sentence.

Alexis Says:

I love me some cake, but I too am a cake snob and only good buttercream will do :) Not wasting my time or calories on anything subpar!

Happy Birthday!

Bonnie Says:

Happy Birthday! I think your subconscious intervened and made you forget to add buttercream. Hope your weigh in and fill go well.

Sandy Says:

Had to google dilacerate. A new word for my vocab. Did Confuscious own a fridge. I would have thought not but then I guess you were just trying to make a point (LOL). I think you need to just start with some Sherryisms. You do such a good job. And here's to getting perfect restriction. I tell you, when you get it, it is heaven. Confuscious say go get it!

Gilly Says:

Happy Birthday! I don't know who told you that at a certain level of restriction, cake would not be a possibility, but I'm pretty sure they lied. It is my understanding that all super-delicious, ultra-fattening food always go down just fine. Even if you can't swallow water, it is my belief that melted Cadbury chocolate will then become your new liquid. *sigh*

That "frosting" is the devil. Whoever invented it should be dragged behind something for many miles.

-Grace- Says:

Happy Birthday!!!

I, too, am a lover of cakes--especially those iced with butter-cream so I have to say "KUDOS!" for resisting the evil temptress known as cake.

Marie Says:

Happy Happy birthday!!!!!

Nella Says:

Happy Happy Oh Happy Day!
The scale will definitely show a loss! Stay positive!

Linda Says:

Happy late birthday!! I agree, if I want the cake I'll eat it, but it better be really good.
Good luck at the fill tomorrow!!

Jacquie Says:

Happy Belated Birthday Sherry! Good for you saying no to cake!

Cindylew Says:

Happy Birthday tootsie roll...I'll seriously be thinking of you tomorrow with your fill...Good Darn're due!

Anonymous Says:

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! Way to go on the saying no to cake and I love the last saying....I think it is going on the blackboard in the kitchen this week!

Gen Says:

LOL you are hilarious! I love your blog. And its so pretty too!

MAJOR NSV with the cake. I remember when the Girl Scout cookies remained uneaten in my home, I was totally shocked and bewildered!

Now I can take my cake or leave it too. Cool isn't it???

Happy bday!

♥ Drazil ♥ Says:

Dude - that is some serious will power and self control. Could you come give me some of it? Mind if I eat cake while you talk? Ugh.

Way to go!

Jenny Says:

Happy birthday! I still would have eaten the cake! LOL

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