For Realz?!

Posted by Sherry , Saturday, June 19, 2010 Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guess who went on vacation for a week and LOST weight?!

Almost two whole pounds! And no restriction to speak of! Do I smell a 'lifestyle change'?

Or MAYBE JCPenny swimsuits hold magical powers...what do you think?:

Thank you Amy W. for the 'toe-pointing' tip!

16 Response to "For Realz?!"

Linda Says:

Losing on vacation is awesome!! You look great in the magically JC Penney suit.

Anonymous Says:

Now that is quite an accomplishment! The bathing suit looks great!

Jacquie Says:

You have skinny legs too! You look great in the JC Penney suit and congrats on the weight loss!

Jen Says:


workinprogress Says:

Two pounds while on holidays?!!!! Awesome!

-Grace- Says:

Girl, you look SO skinny!!! :) Yay for weight loss on vacay without restriction---GO YOU!

Bonnie Says:

I think you are AWESOME and so HOT!!! I can't wait to get my band.

Gilly Says: that the crappy JC Penny suit or the miracle awesome suit? Because it looks pretty stinkin' great.

Steph Says:

You look great and super skinny!!!

Darlin1 Says:

Wow ---now that's something--2 lbs down after a vacation--ENJOY!

Kristin Says:

You look awesome, girl.

Fiona Says:

I agree with all the above! Very skinney lovely photo. The suit may have magical powers but surely they dont work on your arms and legs???
If they do where can I get this suit?????

Sandy Says:

You are looking marvellous!

Cindylew Says:

You look great in that suit...wear it proud.
Nice job on the weight loss while on vacation...that's awesome.

Joey Says:

For Realz!!! Check out those stems! I think it's time to change your profile pic. You look great!

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