The Willpower Has Left The Building

Posted by Sherry , Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I think I am quite possibly the perfect model for "NEEDS RESTRICTION".

With absolutely no physical trouble and sadly, no mental hesitation, I recently finished off a piece and a half of pizza. And some fruit. And about 6 oz of diet coke. And, um, a very large piece of pound cake.

I can't even pretend like it was 'light' pound cake because its baker announced that there were indeed three sticks of butter in its yellowy, dense, perfectness.

The worst part? I have to wait until June 25th to get another fill. Yikes! And oh yeah, I'm on vacation for a week starting Friday. Double Yikes!

To Dr. E and his "Hear No Evil" staff who refuses to give me decent restriction and thinks I am made of willpower: I TOLD YOU SO.

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Amanda Kiska Says:

I wish I could give you some of my restriction because I have it in spades.

-Grace- Says:

I can't stand that they are being so stingy with the fills! Isn't the whole point of the band to work as a tool??? WTF.

DB Says:

Hang in there Sherry - this restriction thing is such a challenge! I think I am feeling it & then all H@LL breaks loose & I eat like there's no tomorrow :(

Gilly Says:

I am in the EXACT same place. Thankfully there is no pound cake in the house. Arg.

CC Says:

bleh i don't know what it is with these crappy doctors!! at my dr's office the fill nurse gave me her email address & told me to email her anytime i had questions or wanted to talk about if i need a fill or not between my last appt & my next one (a month from now!)

Kristen Says:

you lost me at 'pound cake' ..mmmm cake..droool...


Jen from Oregon Says:

I have a huge fill level 9.4 I think in my 11 cc realize band and I have days where you'd never know I had a band there... then for 3-4 days so tight I have to be super careful. It sure is confusing at times.

Cindylew Says:

Word...blame Drazil and Amy.
What the heck do they think they're injecting in these ports anyway...liquid gold????

Sandy Says:

I suffer from having to beg for fills too and it makes me feel small. But I think I am so close if not there. Have to let this tiny fill today try to let me know it's there. Having to suffer when we know what the band can do is pure agony. At least you don't have to suffer alone. Hope it ends soon.

Band-Babe Says:


My personal email is

BTW, I loved every word of your post from Saturday...

Lap Band Groupie Says:

Damn girl...the 25th?! I hope they listen next time (I know you'll kick their butt if they don't). Bandster Hell just sucks, plain and simple.

Lots of small meals (often) on vacation and don't worry too much about the weight...I promise it will come more easily once the Band starts helping!

Thanks so much for that second comment on my blog, you have no idea how much that meant to me...made me take another look at the pics's so hard to see yourself as others do...thanks GF!

Girl Bandit Says:

Man...that is so going to be tough. Could you try for a cancelation??

Bonnie Says:

I just don't get these docs who won't give decent fills. I mean, don't they freaking get it? If we could lose weight without restriction then we wouldn't need the band in the first place.

Smiling in Band Land Says:

I feel your pain. I was banded 01/25/10 and I'm still living in Bandster Hell. They will only give me a fill once a month and will not put in more than 1 cc at a time.....very frustrating!I've only lost 23 lbs since presurgery. WORD!

Anonymous Says:

"Double Yikes"--- I've never actually said that to myself, but I have definitely felt that way.

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