Lazy Mondays as a SAHM

Posted by Sherry , Monday, June 21, 2010 Monday, June 21, 2010

Help! I'm mindlessly eating pretzels and watching Roseanne reruns!

Quick! Someone get me a fill! And a job! And some taste!

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Nella Says:

those look good! sorry...
turn the telly off and have a shower - refresh!

Gilly Says:

Quick...switch to Golden Girls!

Marie Says:

My downfall too - salty snacks!! Too bad they go down so well. There should be a special function to the band that doesn't allow this!

TracyZ Says:

Oooooh...I do love me some pretzels! Pretzels are no longer a slider since this last fill though (thank God)!

Band-Babe Says:

The JCP swimsuit pic isn't that bad? I read that right? THAT is the dreadful JCP swimsuit? Glad you didn't jump, because you look good in it!

If you're going to spend calories... make'em good...

No "Real Housewives" on? Maybe then I'd have to jump... :)

Sherry Says:

@Band-Babe -Yep, that's the JCP swimsuit. Obviously not as bad in retrospect but at the time I was a woman on the verge.

Sandy Says:

Step away from Rosanne!

Gen Says:

LOL you can't watch Roseanne! Too much other junk TV to ingest!

Gen Says:

Ahem, GOOD junk TV I meant to say...

Cindylew Says:

It could be worse...could be Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and A-Team reruns.

Jenny Says:

Those pretzels are yummy and Rosanne is a guilty pleasure!

Linda Says:

Oh the year I stayed home with Cate I watched some horrible TV. I got addicted to this horrible reality show called Starting Over and these women all got life coaches to deal with their issues. I totally forgot about that. Plus I gained like 40 pounds, so it could be much worse...

Fiona Says:

Mindless TV eating? Count me in! Oh wait Im not getting a fill till September :-(
Better give it a miss then.
Have a very Happy Birthday Sherry x

TracyZ Says:

A fellow Cancer!! Happy Early Birthday!

Janice Says:

As someone else said, it could be worse. If the worst indulgences you every have are pretzels and might qualify for sainthood. :)

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